Monday, December 26, 2016

Over the Holidays....

November and December looked at little bit like this...

I know it's blurry, but Josh snapped this pic in
the grocery store one day. I like it because
it depicts real life. Me and a nun and a few
other shoppers getting our pasta and
canned meat.
Josh and some of his closest co-workers. One
is his partner in teaching the Gospel of grace
here in the city. And the other two are church
planting up north. Here they're planning a
seminar for some pastors and church workers.

Training others to teach God's word as one
story, and in the heart language.

What traffic looks like in our

Being auntie to my little MK friend.

Getting the feast ready for the big celebration!
First baptism and communion of one of NTM's
tribal works!

Neo discovered Calvin and Hobbes.

Ally went to her first High School formal.

Daisy got a Ukulele for her 17th birthday.