Tuesday, September 27, 2016


September is the beginning of the Christmas season here in the Philippines! Any month ending in 'ber' (brrrrrr) qualifies as Christmas time!

Although we haven't quite gotten into the holiday spirit yet, we have had some meaningful experiences this month;

Josh and the consultant team visited our dear
friends who are missionaries on a tiny island in
the middle of the ocean. They were encouraged
to see all that God is doing in the church there.

At home, we are bound and determined to
memorize our '8' multiplication facts! I'm willing
to sacrifice my body if Neo can just remember
8 x 4 = 32! :)

Josh has an exciting job. He often travels to
remote mission stations on the mission plane
or helicopter!

God allowed our good friends, the Bairds, to
come for a short visit. Our girls share a history
that no one else quite understands. There was
a lot of laughter as they reminisced about their
childhood in Lapoc village!

Josh's good friend and co-worker, Kraig, has
been busy teaching a seminar to some local
church workers about teaching the Bible
chronologically. He and Josh have a ministry
together developing Bible lessons and training
pastors and church workers how to use them.

Josh and I celebrated our 18th anniversary
at a place in the mountains that reminds us
of our beloved Bukidnon. Here we are in a
Mangosteen orchard.

Josh was able to meet with our newest missionary
team and discuss all that their future holds as
church planters.

Any month that Wendel visits, is a good month!