Sunday, March 20, 2016

Moffits to the Mountains!
This weekend we took off for the mountains. With the kids on Easter break, we headed across the island, where Grant picked us up and drove us (with great skill) into the village!
Oh, it does my heart good to get out of the city. Breathtaking views the whole way in. Great work, Creator!

I've been waiting a long time to visit these people, in this village, and sit at this table, and share this meal! Our first meal together...and we're about to dig into a pile of FROGS! Mmmm, lami!
It was good to see everyone on this amazing church-planting team. They are my heroes. And of course it was good to see our little MK friend growing up and talking in complete sentences!

Our first afternoon there, the kids amazed us with their mad jumping skills. Talk about athletic. Wow!

Then Ally had to 'jump in'! She wasn't too bad...

Neo was in paradise the whole time. They played with bows and arrows, caught crabs, played in the dark with flashlights, and best of all- spent half the day in the creek!

We also got to sit in on their evening meetings. The people have been listening to God's Word twice a week for months. They understand the story of the Bible and God's plan to redeem mankind. And the best part....they believe what they've heard!

Isn't this Nanay so beautiful? I couldn't stop staring at her. Everything about her is precious; from her lovely face, to her sweet smile, her cute bangs, to her amazing beads. I was so happy when she asked if we could take a picture!

I'm so thankful for our weekend away. I'm so thankful for our extraordinarily hardworking missionaries. I'm so thankful for this particular people group and how wonderfully unique God made them. I'm so thankful that God's message has been told in this place. I'm so thankful that our family got to get a glimpse of God at work in hearts.

So thankful.