Thursday, February 04, 2016

 I Heart RP
It's easy to love the Republic of the Philippines (RP)! Here is my most current list of ways this country has warmed my heart recently.
1. We had to crowd onto a shuttle bus to take us from the terminal to the airplane a few weeks ago. Neo really wanted to stand up with all the men, but as soon as the bus lurched forward, he fell onto the 'aunty' sitting next to him. So what did she do? She scooped him up into her arms, snuggled him into her lap and held onto him for the rest of the ride. No stranger danger here. It's the land of friendly, helpful aunties and uncles!

2. We live right on a jeepney route. The jeepneys start about a block away and take their passengers downtown. I love taking the jeep (it means I don't have to parallel park!). But what I love even more than the ride, are the friendly drivers. Like this morning, I was still a block away when the driver saw me, so he put the jeep in reverse and backed all the way down the street, so I wouldn't have to walk the rest of the way! I love friendly drivers who go out of their way to keep me from walking in the hot sun!

3. Funny questions. When we were new in the country, I was constantly getting offended at the kinds of questions people ask here. But, once I realized 'anything goes' when it's comes to asking questions, it's become a constant source of laughter! Like the other day when I was visiting with the watch saleslady and she asked me, 'Why do you have eyes like a cat?' A question like that can keep me laughing for days!

I love this country!