Monday, August 10, 2015

Summer Headlines
 Josh's Travel Adventures
July was action-packed for Josh. He got to travel with a group of other consultants and visit the northern island of Luzon. They were able to go into two remote church planting locations, as well as connect with some of our missionaries living in various towns.
They were able to connect with missionaries who have been here for over 20 years, as well as our newest missionaries, who have been here less than a year.
Our mission pilots saved them hours of hiking by flying them safely into the more remote areas. 

And a set of wheels got them into the town where are newest missionaries are hard at work studying language and culture!

Moffits Crash Luzon's Regional Conference
Since we work on an island down south, we've never attended the regional conference of our northern neighbors. But now that we're everybody's' consultants, we happily crashed their conference. And I'm so glad we did. What a fun, funny, crazy, delightful group!
As much as we wanted to be a good example to those missionaries who are newer to the field, we just couldn't resist silly selfies during the meetings.

 The kids were able to be involved too. Now that Daisy and Ally are teenagers, they were able to help look after the toddlers, as well as participate in the mini-carnival.

Silly selfies and carnivals aside, it really was a meaningful time full of encouraging conversations with brothers and sisters who all share the same desire- to see the Good News reach every corner of this beautiful country.

A Mix of Visitors and Everyday Life
We are enjoying having Matt here for about a month. His parents have been encouraging, loving, supporting, and praying for our family for years. We are so happy he's here! And so is Neo, because he knows how to fix bikes!

I really wish life was all helicopter rides into remote jungle locations, conferences full of mutual encouragement, and visitors from far away....however....somewhere in the middle of all that, real life has to happen. Groceries have to be bought, bills paid, toilets fixed, math facts memorized, school uniforms mended, and meals prepared. So, some days we get out the whiteboard markers and spend the afternoons doing subtraction facts on the floor.

But there are also days when the dinner table ends up overflowing with guest from overseas, other islands, and from just down the street! I wouldn't say 'there's never a dull moment'....but they're fairly rare!