Monday, July 06, 2015

Six Full Weeks in, no extra space!
The kids finished up their first school year at Faith at the end of May. And we zoomed full-speed into June!
June started with a chance to share about the grace of Jesus - in Visayan! We were neighbors for a while with a missionary family from Africa. Josh and I have enjoyed getting to know them and  getting to speak from time to time to their congregation

With just a one-week overlap between Lang's summer vacation and the kids', and just four days away from moving house....we decided to head to the mountains for a few days. It was a fun micro-vacation. We breathed FRESH, COOL mountain air, and the kids had a blast on their zip lines!

Then, it was time to load up the moving truck (again, *sigh*). God provided a WONDERFUL house for us, just 3 minutes walk from the kids school. And of course, our faithful Tala-Andig friends came to help. Benji and Dodong were life-savers (we would never survive without them!). Daisy and Ally also rounded up some very helpful classmates who loaned us their muscles for the afternoon. Many hands make light work!

The guys were able to take a day off from all the moving chaos (one house, 6 family members, 2 visitors, 3 painters, 3 electricians, and a plumber = CHAOS!). They hit the beach- which is a treat when you're visiting from the mountains!

Lang's brother, Dong was a HUGE help. He made doors, refinished furniture, moved heavy stuff, drilled, sawed, carried....So thankful for the 3 weeks he stayed and helped.

We also squeezed in Father's Day. Josh got to eat kinilaw and cake in the same day. So, I'd say it was a good day!

And in the middle of all the moving and visitors, Lang started her second year of college! Hard to believe how time flies.

We also had an evening with our precious missionary friends from across the island. Warms my heart to see MKs bonding.

After a month of all that goes along with moving, we headed for a night at the beach. God lead us to the perfect little spot. A beautiful beach, quaint huts to sleep in, and a nice host family who shared their delicious fresh fish with us!

July started with our 'bosses' coming! :) Mary, Clark, and Barrie flew in from 'somewhere else in Asia' and spent 3 days with us. They came to teach Josh and Kuya Allan more about church planting consultancy. But the highlight for me was getting to know Mary and the conversations that happened over dinner preparation.

Then there were two days of meetings with a church planting team. It was encouraging to meet with two families desiring to combine their efforts to bring the Bible message to a large people group on this island. The task is huge, but God is huger! Please pray for our fellow missionaries. So much goes into teaching God's Word in the local language- there are Bible lessons to make and teach, the Bible to translate, literacy lessons to prepare, sick people to care for, relationships to build, etc!

And now, the house is settled, the visitors gone, meetings over, and a month before the kids go back to school. I think we'll rest a bit.

Well, WE will rest. Josh, however, will continue to traipse around this amazing country, visiting remote church planting locations and lending a helping hand to our beautiful co-workers.