Monday, March 30, 2015

Sometimes missionaries talk of 'sacrifice'. Which is silly. Compared to what Jesus did for us, nothing we ever do qualifies as a sacrifice. But, we do willingly choose to let some things go. Important things. Like staying in one place, with the same group of friends, family next door, and very rarely saying goodbye. Those are things we offer back to God when we say 'Send me!' And it hurts.
But our God is gracious and kind and loves to plan wonderful things for his children.
Like reunions!!
12 years ago, after 4 years of missionary training together, we said goodbye to the Wilds (and the Mussers, and Housleys, and the Ingles, and countless other friends who we had trained together with as missionaries....).
We said 'goodbye' and headed off to whatever corner of the world God sent us to. Sniff.
But last week, our good God orchestrated a special reunion of sorts. Since we are all serving somewhere in Asia, we were able to see each other again at a missions forum in Indonesia!
Don't get me wrong, 8 hr days of meetings about missions methodology thrills my heart as much as the next missionary- but the REAL highlight was seeing these precious friends again!

My Libby friend, just as amazing, and steady,
 and beautiful as I remembered!
And Mike- in 12 years has not lost one ounce
of passion for reaching the lost!

The Wild Bros. The last time these
kids played together one wasn't even
born yet, and they were still reading Elmo
books and having 'picnics' on the front step

So today my heart is full. I'm thankful that God gives us the desire of our hearts and lets us reconnect with old friends. I'm thankful that after 12 years we can see that God has been faithful not only to us, but to all those friends we trained with 'back in the day'. God sustains, God is faithful, and God is an amazing 'reunion coordinator'!