Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Out And About
Here are a few snapshots of life this last week or so. The life of a missionary is a strange mixture of familiarity, differences, beauty, and amusement. 
Neo's birthday party with his classmates. As you can see, it's an international bunch! It was one of our first 'American birthday' experiences for Neo. Thankfully, the other moms helped me out- and I think it was a success!

No school means a day at the beach! The 10 minute ride across the bay is one of the highlights. We miss the mountains, but we're loving the ocean!

On my day off, I wandered through the cemetery. It's big, quiet and serene. It's also confusing. My heart doesn't know how to comprehend the difference between a home for the deceased (left) and a home for the living (right). Until heaven, life will constantly confound!

There's always beauty to be enjoyed. Beautiful flowers trailing along someone's fence. The tropics produces some extravagant beauty!

Isn't this just how it is?! In the mess of life there is always beauty. I'm so thankful for a God who redeems.

Some workers trying their hardest to knock down some mangoes from the top of the neighbor's tree! Free fruit is hard to resist- especially mangoes!

Neo and Daddy's favorite corner. Burgers for Neo and kwik-kwik for Daddy! If they suddenly disappear from the house, they can probably be found here! (kwik-kwik is a boiled egg, deep-fried and served with cucumbers)
This sign has amused Josh and I ever since we moved to this neighborhood. Exactly how old is 1.7 years old? :)

Monday, February 02, 2015

WE Did It!
I was so excited to post this photo of Josh and I holding the completed first phase of the Visayan Bible lessons that we've been working on. I was going to say 'We did it!' Then I got to thinking....
Yes, 'we' did....but 'we' is a lot more than just Josh and I!

Our friend, Jason, with over 20 years of missions experience, gave us valuable input all along the way!

Fritz came to the house a few times a week to help draft and correct the lessons. And, Richard's family taught the lessons in a home Bible study (and then gave us ideas on what to 'tweak').

Our lovely neighbor, Chi, helped the language flow more smoothly.

Steve was Josh's theological sounding board.


 Barrie was our consultant, who made sure our lessons stayed on track.

And Kraig is coming over one day a week to help Josh draft the next book!

 So, 'we' didn't do it.... 'WE' did it! Thank you, God, for the people you send our way to help us as we serve YOU!