Saturday, August 02, 2014

 Resilient Rose
I think I've mentioned this flower before. I've had it for probably six years...but I just named her today, 'Resilient Rose'. And I want to be like her.
She was a gift from a friend. Purchased in the city, hauled to our foggy village home. She took awhile to adjust to a new climate, but after a few years had grown as tall as me!
Then we left that village home, hacked off one of her branches and replanted her in our new rainy town home. Once again she started to grow and did even better than she had in our village home. She trailed all along our fence and kept blooming and blooming.
Then we left that home in town and moved to a big humid city. Once again, another branch cut off and replanted in our new city home.
That was two months ago. Look at her blooming again today!

But she doesn't just bloom, look closely....she has flowers blooming on flowers. Now THAT'S blooming where you're planted.

I want to be like my resilient little rose. No matter how many times God 'cuts' things out of my life, or transplants me, to just keep bouncing back and blooming again.

I want to bloom no matter what 'weather' God sends my way. To bloom in the fog of ministry, the rain of loss, and the humidity of transition. No matter my environment, to simply trust the one who sends the fog and rain and sun.

I'm so thankful for a God who loves us enough to give us frivolity, like roses. And I'm thankful for a God who loves us enough to teach us through something as small as a flower.

Lord make me a 'Resilient Rose'.

My mom bought me a little book of poetry when I was a girl, and I memorized one poem about flowers. I think it holds the secret to becoming a 'resilient rose':

"I asked that God might tell me, in the language of the flowers
How I like they might bless the world and brave life's stormy hours
Around the garden all was still, then from a secret spot
Where violets blue so gently grew, God said, 'Forget-me-not'"