Saturday, August 16, 2014


The Philippines does a LOT of things well. 

Bamboo shoots for example. I mean look at these things!

Really, America, you're embarrassing yourself with these pitiful little canned shoots!

The Philippines also does 'diversity' well. So many people groups, so many cultures! Amazing.

 The Philippines also does a pretty, darn, good job of making beautiful children!

One thing, though, that still stresses me out about living here....crowd control! 

Of course, I'm one of those personalities that thinks three people is a crowd. So, my opinion should be taken with a grain of salt. But still, all the pushing and shoving. It's an area I have not grown to love in the last ten years.

 But, in an effort to grow, I took Neo-boy to a parade today. I was feeling pretty confident about all the police who were reminding people to watch their wallets and stay behind the barricade. 

It didn't last. Before long, we were the only ones staying behind the barricade, as we got swallowed up in a 'school' of humanity. 

However, in the midst of the chaos, a few things happened that reminded me why I fell in love with this country

First, these ladies let Neo sit with them. And before I knew it, they were feeding him snacks. Filipinos can't stop being hospitable...even in the middle of a parade! 

 Then, when the crowd got too overwhelming, I decided 'If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.'

That's when the second lovely thing happened. This nice volunteer really did do his best to keep the crowd under control, but that's a big task for one guy. So, when he saw us 'give in', he took on the responsibility of making sure Neo could see the floats!

Filipinos are so amazing with kids!

So, after a lot of jostling, and bustling, and pushing, and being pushed, we finally saw some amazing floats. I mean, take a look at this guy. He's pretty awesome! I'd give him two thumbs up for representing the Philippines' Eagle very well!

But, my favorites were the floats decorated with flowers. Man, people must have been up late last night getting every last, little petal in the right spot and ready for display today!

So, now we're home. We survived the parade. And even the things in this culture that I still haven't adjusted very well to, simply reminded me that the good always outweighs the difficult!

Thank you, Philippines, for a lovely parade, nice mommies with snacks, helpful volunteers, and lots of police to make us feel safe!

And thank you for being so gracious and kind to us foreigners....even when crowds make us grumpy. :)