Sunday, June 29, 2014

Creatures Great and Small
I'm not much of an animal person. I prefer humans. However, even I have been amused and/or horrified by these creatures lately...
We went to the beach a few weeks ago and Neo made a friend....a starfish. 

 Can you tell who the animal lover in our family is? Why take a nap in your
bed when you can sleep on the front step with the dog and cat?!
Not every creature we've come across lately has been of the 'pet variety'.
This is tuna jaw (from a very big tuna!). It's been marinated and grilled
(by our lovely neighbors). A local delicacy that is SOOOO scrumptious!
Some creatures had to have their mouths taped shut before
we enjoyed them!

For being responsible with feeding the dog and cat, Neo won himself
the world's tiniest turtle, 'Splat'. (I love unintentional poetry!)
This guy tried to hang out with me in the garden the other day.
All I had with me was a spray bottle of soapy water...hence the bubbles.
Last but not least are the 'artistic creatures'...a sand turtle made by
my creative girlies!

Friday, June 13, 2014

It's been awhile since I've had two quiet seconds to sit down and blog.
At the end of May I attended a week-long seminar about the importance of teaching literacy in the places we do our missionary work. It was great, it was informative, I went by it was relaxing.
Then I came home.
On my way home, though, I met my beautiful cousin, Vicki, at the airport in Manila and she headed south with me. We haven't spent time with her since she was a kid. She looks like her daddy and laughs like her mama, and we think she's pretty amazing.
When we arrived at the house, three visitors from up the mountain were already there, and we hit the ground running. We had two days to pack up the house and move to our new location, a city 5 hours 'downhill'. Talk about chaos. Vicki got a taste of 'Moffit Mayhem'!

Chatting and singing before the 'packing fun' began.

I never cease to be amazed at the friends God has given us. Amazing. Our friends from the village cooked and packed and hauled boxes and cleaned and.......we would be lost without them. And our amazing missionary friends showed up to help pack everything securely onto the truck (those missionary pilots know how to pack!). And of course, our friends from town came to lend a hand too!

Many hands make light work!
Goodbye Malaybalay! 
One last prayer before we head out...

Moving is stressful. It just is. But with friends like mine, it's a lot LESS stressful. When I climbed into the truck, this PERFECT gift was sitting on my seat. My thoughtful Missy friend had made me survival kit. I can't remember the last time a gift of toilet paper made me cry,  but it did this time!

She thought of everything! TP, soap, advil, COFFEE, chocolate....

God blessed us with an uneventful road trip, and the weary gang made it safe and sound to our new home! Here's a gaggle of tired teens on a mountain of mattresses (that's for you Berth)

 So, here we are a week and a half later. We've spent each day scrubbing and unpacking and organizing. The climate here is quite a bit 'stickier' than our cool mountain home, so we are adjusting to 'perma-sweat'. But, it hasn't been all work. In the middle of the moving effort, there's been some fun...

The most exciting part of the our big move was our 'borrowed daughter's first day of college! This girl has been dreaming and planning and saving for a few years, and we couldn't be prouder! Go Lang!

And Vicki had to see the beach! Her first time in a warm ocean. We even got to see a circus act. She got a good dose of Pinoy slapstick humor!

It's been a crazy few weeks, but that's o.k., cuz we're a crazy family and as you can see, my crazy cousin fits right in!

Missionaries always seem to be moving. Please pray for us as we adjust to our new place and all that GOD has planned for us here!