Wednesday, April 30, 2014

 Growing Up in the Philippines
I don't think it's easy to be a third-culture-kid. To try and daily swing between your parent's culture, your host-country culture, and your own, personal culture.
There are days when I hear comments like, 'I miss America.' Or, 'In America.....' I don't always know how to feel when I hear my kids reminiscing or missing their passport country. America is pretty awesome, and our precious family is over there. So, they have every right to miss it. But, I also never want them to forget what a privilege it is to grow up here.The truth is, I want them to feel equally loyal to every culture that makes them unique.
Wherever my kids end up as adults, I hope they always treasure a childhood growing up in the Philippines!



Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My Crew
My animal lover. He's got a cat, a dog, chickens, a pet snail, 7 beetles,
and yesterday he flooded the laundry area in an effort to make a 'frog house'.

 My musician. Not only is she getting pretty good at reading music (she's definitely passed me up!), but she's recently learned how to accompany with chords. It makes for a lot of 'sing-alongs' in our house!

My loner. It's not that she doesn't like people, in fact, she's generally the life of the party, but she's also perfectly content with her own company. 
'My' college enrollee. I couldn't be prouder of my 'borrowed daughter' and the HUGE effort she's put into making her dreams of going to college come true.

My traveler. He'll ride anything with wheels, hooves, or a propeller in order to bring help and encouragement to his fellow missionaries.
Myself. A very ordinary, 30-something mom/wife, living a less-than-ordinary life in a beautiful country, with a fun family, amazing co-workers, and meaningful work. All thanks to MY GOD!