Tuesday, January 28, 2014

 Laughable, Loveable Life!
Life as a missionary is often discouraging. And so, every once in a while, I like to stand back and look at my life from a happier angle. Here are a few snapshots of things in my daily life that I love and/or make me laugh:
This is a great billboard for a cereal-based rat poison.
'The Philippines Cereal Killer!' Ha!

Our neighbors puppy, who looks eerily similar to our (castrated) dog.
The puppy even has a matching collar to our dog!
Makes me smile. 
Josh and his buddy, Fritz, are making
and then teaching Visayan Bible lesson....
....But the best part is seeing the men they are teaching turn
 around and teach the lessons themselves!
I love that about our life!
 Training, discipling, working ourselves out of a job!

Teacher Hannah jumping into the freezing waters at the spring.
Yeah, it's pretty entertaining!
My middle kiddle in her toga, ready to serve us
some yummy greek pastries! Big smile!

I LOVE our supporting churches, and the way
they encourage us. Here is Neo with his finished
lego truck, sent by our home church in Missouri.

Daisy's model yurt made me laugh. It was perfect.
Complete with t.v. (it's a modern yurt) and teeny,
tiny clothesline!

 I love our co-workers and their kids. How precious
is this little beauty, drying her nails over the fan!

Lang-lang continues to bless our family in a thousand way.
She also is a blessing at church. Here she is singing a worship
song in church (which she translated from her heart language
into the trade language!)

Josh's parking choices half annoy me, and half amuse me.

I have to admit, I wasn't thrilled when Josh hung up the
Bible lesson pictures on the living room wall. But now,
it's a daily reminder of why we're here, and how amazing
our God is. Such a privilege to do this for a living!
Life really is something to love (and at times, laugh at!)

Friday, January 17, 2014

Where are you God, I cannot see,
I cannot feel your hand
I cannot feel your presence,
I do not understand
I cannot feel your warm embrace
I cannot hear your voice
And so my heart must trust
My mind in making the right choice
For when the feelings of my heart
Deny the truths I know
My mind cuts through emotion
To the bedrock down below
This bedrock’s the foundation
On which my faith was built
And these wavering emotions
Are simply sludge and silt
My faith was built on stories
Of God’s history with man
And also on the future
And his eternal plan
So hush, my heart, and let my mind
Review what you believe
Like the six days of creation
And of Adam and of Eve
Like the worldwide flood because of sin
The ark that showed God’s grace
And the promises to Abraham
And his entire race
Like the might God showed in Egypt
When he rescued those enslaved
And his mercy in the desert
Despite how they behaved
Like his hand upon the Judges
And his work in hearts of kings
And sending us the prophets
To tell of future things
But most important to recall
Is the sending of His Son
That through his perfect sacrifice
My war with sin is won
And now I walk in victory
For my Savior set me free
From the sin that bound the saints of old
And also had bound me
But my mind won’t just remember
All God’s power in the past
But will look ahead with eyes of faith
On eternal things that last
I will focus on the future
And not just life on earth
For it’s only in eternity
I find my lasting worth
I’m waiting for that trumpet blast
For my Savior’s great return
For heaven pure and holy
That home for which we yearn
And so, dear heart, as you can see
Your worries are quite small
And the anxious thoughts you’re thinking
Have no worth at all
For now my mind has told you
Things that you already knew
But simply had forgotten
When you started feeling blue
So fix your eyes on things above
And not on things down here
For the return of our dear Savior
Is very, very near!

Monday, January 13, 2014

I'm pretty sure the clothes aren't going to dry today.... 
 I'm pretty sure the lights aren't supposed to do this....

Thursday, January 09, 2014

I was looking at this pot of soup the other day and thinking to myself, 'How my palette has changed!'
Fish soup (heads, tails, and all) is one of my favorite lunches. I would not have said that 10 years ago.
Now, I'm an official fish-eye eater!
Another yummy food experience we love is binignit. It's like oatmeal on steroids! It's gooey and lumpy, just like oatmeal, but full of all kinds of deliciousness. Fruit, root crops, sugar, rice, colorful-gooey-ball-things..... It's become a comfort food. It's always shared with friends, never eaten alone.
So now, I'm an official 'gooey-food lover'!

I had to snap a picture of this bountiful harvest sitting on the kitchen counter last week. Fresh crops, brought from the mountains by special friends. My mom always had a garden, and I know how much work it is to be able to offer a gift like this. What a blessing to hear a friend say, 'I just dug those potatoes up for you this morning!'
We are definitely blessed to be 'harvested-this-morning' vegetable-eaters!

 But the best kind of food, is the same all over the world - food shared with people you love! In the U.S. we don't usually mix our bananas, spaghetti, and pork fat all in the same meal, but we do all appreciate 'special-occasion' foods that represent family, friendship, and memory-makin'!

So happy to be able to share food with people I love no matter which continent I'm on!