Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Sunday Outing
A few weeks ago, Josh was invited to speak in a church about 2 hours away. We all decided to tag along and make a day of it. We were SOOOO glad we did!
The drive was beautiful, as we wound our way around the foot of the mountain. The weather was perfect, and the best part of all was when we realized the church we were headed to spoke BINUKID, the beautiful language our family spent 6 years working in!


Despite worrying the whole way home that the guy sitting in the plastic chair-on top of a jeep-on a mountain road might come flying off at any moment - it was a perfect day!

We even stopped and had a picnic at a creek, much to Neo-boy's delight!

 So thankful for days like this, that expand your heart and endear you to your host country!