Sunday, September 29, 2013

Travel Adventures
I would use the word 'variety' to describe travel in this country. You've got cars and trucks and buses and jeeps and motorbikes and motorized rickshaw-thingies (motorellas) and, of course, feet!
Inter-island travel has gotten better and better over the years. Cheaper flights, nicer terminals, and newer taxi-cabs. Of course, that's resulted in pampered, spoiled missionaries. Which is why it was good for Josh and I to experience some 'glitches' in our travels last keep us from getting too 'first class'. (ha!)
(Here's how the Moffits roll when we're gettin' around town. Who needs a mini-van?! All 7 of us fit just fine in our pick-up truck!)

Josh and I are entering a season of life when we sometimes go places....alone!! What?? No kids in tow? It's new, and scary, and wonderful!

Last week, we had quite a few travel adventures. The adventure began with a nice cup of coffee from the airport coffee shop. 'Pilinda, your coffee's ready!' :)

By the time we got to Manila, though, I wasn't feeling that cheerful anymore. Our baggage came through SOAKED, inside and out (how does that even happen?!). But, my frown turned upside down, when I went to use the CR (restroom) and saw this sign hanging on the wall behind the toilet. A step-by-step guide on how to use the 'toilet bowl cover cushion'. The 'do not wipe your face with it' photo is my favorite!

We finally made it safely to Palawan. And, in keeping with Filipino hospitality, the hotel staff got all our wet things hung on the line, dried, folded, and brought back to us in no time at all!

We spent three really, fantastic days with the missionary community on Palawan. They were so great, so welcoming, and took us out for some really delicious meals. But, the highlight was riding in one family's truck and seeing their little boy's 'cockpit' hanging off the back of the passenger seat- complete with steering wheel and pedal (or whatever you call that in 'airplane talk'). I'm not gonna lie...I absolutely tried my hand at flying. I did pretty well.

When it was time to head home, we double-checked our tickets. Yep, 7:35 a.m. - departure. Josh was a bit worried when we got to the airport at 6:30 and it wasn't even open yet. We were totally baffled when the airline didn't even open the check-in counter until 7:30. 'Ummm, we're supposed to be leaving right now.' Yes, they had cancelled our flight. No, they had not contacted us. Thankfully, we were able to get on a flight two hours later. We were worried we wouldn't make our connecting flight, but a two-hour delay solved that dilemma. So, we got to spend a lot of time sitting in airports. The upside, I was able to finish a book on parenting teenagers...and I'm pretty sure I'm an expert now! :)

I don't know if Josh is still growing, or if airplanes are shrinking, but I have to say, seeing Josh wedged into his seat made me laugh.

By the time we made it back to our home-sweet-island, we were tired, grumpy, and just wanted to get back to our kids. Which is why what happened next was so lovely. We loaded into the van that would shuttle us from the airport to the hour-long commute. On the way the passengers were visiting, and of course we were asked what we are doing here. When the van owner heard we were missionaries, he wouldn't let us pay our fare. He said it was a 'love offering'. Of course, that made all the frustration of mishandled baggage, cancelled flights, and delays melt away, as we were reminded (once again) how endearing this country is!
A three-hour bus-ride later, we finally arrived home, with some adventures under our belt, and a reminded that 'Travel - it's more fun in the Philippines!'
For more info on the Philippines, check out their 'It's More Fun In The Philippines' ad campaign. Beautifully done...and entertaining too!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Josh and I...and Other Random Things
A fellow missionary took these photos of Josh and his buddy teaching a Bible study. The four men they're teaching will then teach 17 other men, who will then teach the employees of a large company. Pretty amazing opportunity!

I recently had a language evaluation. Yes, I've already learned this language, but after not using it for 6 years, I was pretty rusty. Richard, our consultant, was a huge help to me. I like how this picture makes it look like he's teaching me how to swim. :)

And in the 'random things' category...a few shots from my ipod:

This lady is weaving abaca into a coarse fabric that they make all kinds of things out of (like really, beautiful, colorful bags).

I'm not an animal lover. At all. But, come on, a dog feeding her 4 puppies in the middle of the road, that's worth stopping and snapping a picture of! You never know what you'll see on your walk in this country!

This sign says, 'Please don't throw your garbage here'.....and two pieces of trash on the ground under it. Makes me laugh every time. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

So Diverse
We are an American in the Philippines....celebrating Mexico's Independence Day....of course!
Thank you, Hannah, for all the yummy Mexican food you prepared for us!! 

Monday, September 09, 2013

A Walk in the (tree) Park
We live in one of the most beautiful parts of the Philippines (in my opinion!). We actually have pine trees up here in our mountain home. So, last weekend we went for a walk in the tree park.

We may or may not have been rained on.

We got some new family photos.

We found a cute little guy sitting on the side of the trail! (we took him home with us!)

Hannah got some great shots of the kids.
The logs were the best props. I have to admit, I found it quite entertaining watching my kids trying to cross them!

Some logs made for a great photo.
Some...well, you can't win em' all!
A good mom never stops praying for her family!
'Dear God, please help me survive this photo shoot!'
And a good dad never stops praying for his family either!
'Dear God, please help my wife survive this photo shoot!'
We've got some pretty, cute kids!
A fun outing, in a beautiful park, in the loveliest part of the Philippines!

Monday, September 02, 2013

An Ode to the Missionary Teacher:
With her mind set on missions, and a heart for MK's
She's committed to work for two hundred ten days.
She'll teach science and spelling, and all that good stuff,
she'll be patient and loving, but also be tough.
And so with a smile she enters each day
with a gallon of coffee and 5 minutes to pray.

Because she's still young and not boring, like me
she thinks up fun games for 'homeschool P.E.'
And though she's been teaching and jump-roping all day,
She still has the energy to teach them to 'play'.
Once word got around that she's 'up for the task'
a few other moms had a favor to ask.
And since she's amazing, of course she said 'yes'-
because 20 more MK's she's happy to bless.
"Oh, while you're at it, you wouldn't mind leading
all the adults in worship and singing??"
"Did I mention I might need some help with repairs,
and moving a couch down three flights of stairs?!"

 But, don't you dare think of resting your head,
cuz you're also expected to serve as a bed!
And no matter how tired that poor girl may feel,
she'll march in that kitchen, and fix us a meal!

And so to you, Hannah, and others like you,
A great, big, huge THANK YOU for all that you do.
When we get to heaven, I won't be surprised,
if the crown that you're given is jumbo-king-sized!