Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Steps to a New School Year:
1. Order new curriculum...be more excited about the
packing peanuts than the actual books.

2. Remove books, insert child.
3. Swim.

4. (Happily) purge schoolroom of old workbooks. 
5. Have really, serious 'teachers' meetings. Wear your grumpiest faces.

6. Enjoy the fruit of your labor.

 7. Take a 'First Day of School' photo
before math starts and students start crying.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

 Summer Vacation
In a perfect world, homeschooling families would make a school schedule, then they'd stick to it. There would be no falling behind, no playing 'catch-up', and there would be some sort of vacation time to look forward to.....
In a perfect world.
Things are a bit different in the Moffit household. We fell so far behind last school year, that we eventually cut out all fun assignments, crammed two days into one as much as possible, and barely finished in time to start again (on time!) this school year!
As if that wasn't stressful enough, I only added insult to injury by lying to my kids about having no vacation this year. I eventually corrupted Hannah enough to join me in my sin, and we both had a blast telling the kids that they wouldn't even have one day of vacation this summer! As you can see by Ally's face, they believed us!


But, although we're evil enough to lie to them....we're not THAT evil. And, we did have a surprise weekend at the beach planned! So, once the last test was finished, and our bags packed, we headed off for a few days of R&R!

Ally finds some personalized coral
Not sure who was more excited to be done with school, the kids, or Hannah and I!

Daisy and Langx2, the mermaid.

Happy beach bums.

Neo enjoyed finding star fish.

The jelly fish enjoyed Neo's belly.

Coffee, Bible, and Beach were a great way to start my birthday morning!

Swimming in the ocean is hilarious, apparently.

Happy Moffits.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Mixed Salad of Happenings....
A few weeks ago, we attended our annual missionary conference. We sat in meetings (without our kids!). Listened to good sermons. Heard inspiring missionary reports. Enjoyed the company of the other missionaries. Just had a nice, encouraging time!

 Hannah and girls helped out with the children's program during our conference. I think fun was had by all.
 Daisy took this picture of Ally and Lang in front of the world map the other day. I love it. I love the contrast of their hair, the symbolism of the map, and the way Christ brings it all together so beautifully!
This is my GORGEOUS 13 year old, and her new bag of make-up. Isn't she so pretty!?
Dad has a cooking competition going on in our house. There are three teams. This dinner was supposed to be based on Dr. Suess' ABC book. So there are hens, and doughnuts, and soda (but we didn't get sick, sick, sick).
Lang got to help with the singing at church on Sunday. I'm thankful for the friendly girls at church who include her. 
And....Josh preached. It wasn't very Pinoy of him to preach in his jeans, though! It's hard for an Oregonian to dress up too much!
Today is the kids' last day of school! Woohoo!