Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Did you ever notice that one little sliver on your pinky finger can make your whole body hurt? Despite the fact that every, single other part of your body is healthy and feeling fine, all you can think about is that stupid sliver in your pinky!
I have a tendency to apply the 'pinky-sliver-syndrome' to my emotional life too. 
One problem can overshadow every, single, other area of my life. Despite the fact that life is pretty good, I am drowning in blessings, my kids are healthy, my husband is nice, my job is meaningful, my belly is full - all I can think about is that one problem/hurt/trial/annoyance. 
My secret cure? 
Writing thank you notes. 
How can I possibly winge and whine and sulk and mope when my pile of thank you notes is getting bigger and bigger and bigger??

How can I ever feel alone or misunderstood or distressed when I have a MOUNTAIN of notes sitting on  my desk, each one representing somebody who loves and cares and prays for  me??

I am thankful. My problems are small. And you, Mr. Pinky-Sliver, you are NOT going to ruin my day!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Parable
Once upon a time a missionary family went on a Saturday Adventure to find a waterfall. We drove off into the mountains, enjoyed the view, and eagerly anticipated splashing in some fresh, mountain water. 
All of a sudden, up ahead, we spotted trouble.
A large truck was blocking the small road. 
Some of the other members of our jolly, traveling party decided to try and squeeze our vehicle by on the small grass-covered shoulder of the road. Did I mention this was on the side of a steep mountain?
I declined to ride along. Three of us decided to walk past the truck. Josh and two girls decided to take the risk and drive/ride.
They made it past the big truck no problem, and we were on our merry way.
O.k., here comes the spiritual application, put on your seat-belts...
 Sometimes we're going along life's road and everything is fine! The sun is shining, the view is nice, and we have pleasant company. When all the sudden, something blocks our joy. A trial, a hurt, maybe even sin.

Our heavenly Father tells us to press on, 'Come on, child, press on, endure, I will never leave you or forsake you, I am with you always!' 

Sometimes we, by faith, follow him through the valley. Sometimes we bail out and give up. In both situations, other people are watching our lives. In both situations, God's love for us never changes.

God always gets us past the 'road block'. Sometimes easily, sometimes through a lot of tears and sadness. And in every circumstance, having faith like a child pleases God and deepens our trust in him.

So, what did I learn? When God allows a roadblock, or a hurt, or a trial, I don't get out of the truck, I put on my seat-belt of faith and allow him to take me through the trial. At the other side is a refreshing, beautiful waterfall of blessing and encouragement!

Oh and one more thing, walking through the shadowy parts of life is made easier when we let God love us through other people. Sometimes we do need a shoulder to lean on!

Neo and his idol/friend. How cute is this photo! Melts my heart.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Josh Turns 35!
 Now that Josh is 35, he's ready to....

Zap some bugs....

Dig some holes...

Report fraudulent shovels...

Spend time with new friends....

Expect two cakes every birthday...

 And of course, keep enjoying his awesome family!