Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Moving In

We have moved out of our mountain village, and into our new home in town. Our plans are to brush up on our Cebuano skills for the next 6 months, while also helping out the missionary community here in different ways. But, before we can 'get to work', this big ol' house needs some TLC. Here's a glimpse into what that adventure has been like (and continues to be like). Needless to say, we need your prayers!!
A 'gaggle' of our friends from the mountains came to help us  
unload the truck, unpack the house, and clean up the yard. 
I LOVE these girls!! 

The men unload the truck. Many hands make light work!

After a long day of hard work, everyone settles down for the night.
Girls upstairs, boys down. 

Easiest house guests in the world! They'll sleep anywhere.

Neo enjoys a cinnamon roll that one of the other missionaries made for us. 
The missionary community has been great. They've helped scrub walls, organize 
cupboards, move furniture, and baked us goodies!  

Despite the fact that he prefers clicking a mouse to swinging a hammer
Josh bites the bullet and puts together a make-shift bookshelf so I can
get some boxes unpacked.  

It's not all smiles and sweat. Some days it's tears and weariness.

Daisy helps Josh build some window screens.

I finally pulled down that rotten piece of plywood hanging from the ceiling 
above the toilet. And this is what came raining down. Not sure which I like more, 
the bird's nest, or the dirt.   

Trying to sand the glumpy goop off the walls. We make quite the team!  

It hasn't been all work and no play. Neo has made friends with the family
across the street, and is even learning to ride their bike!  

Sometimes the sheer amount of work that goes into living in this house 
consumes my mind and I forget to look up and look around. When I do, I 
find this kind of beauty hiding in the nooks and crannies of our yard.   

 Although the house needs some lovin', it is a blessing and we're thankful for it. It's big, it's got lots of beautiful windows, it's on a quiet street, and the owner is a pastor who is thankful to have missionaries as his tenants! 

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Mission Home FUN!

I am so thankful that NTM provides a place to stay for all their missionaries who are in limbo, or away from home. The mission home is safe, comfortable, and the kids love it! 

 The tree house is one of Neo's favorite places to hang out. Even better when Ally joins him!

Having other MKs drop by is the highlight of any day!

Staying up late to play RISK with the other guests is pure awesomeness.

Where else can you get a motorbike lesson on the world's smallest motorbike??
Well, maybe it's not ALWAYS fun. School in the mission home is a bit of a drag.