Friday, September 28, 2012

First Weeks

A few snapshots of our first weeks back in the Pilipinas! (no, I don't know why there's a huge space before the title of this post. I don't see professional blogging in my future! Rrrr...)

Catching up with old friends in Manila.
Good ol' Ruel, our favorite porter at the airport in Cagayan. 
He got all TEN suitcases on one luggage cart! 

 Whoops. You never know what you'll see on a road trip
in the Philippines!

Feels like Christmas! We were delighted by the welcome
basket waiting in our room at the Mlbly mission home!
After 3 months of travel...what a nice welcome to our new home town. 

While life is still in limbo, the mission home is a fun place to stay! 

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Well, we made it to the Philippines. Altogether it was a 36 hour trek. About 10 hours by road, 15 by plane, and the rest consisted of sitting in airports. 

Ally and Neo keep themselves entertained on the Ipod, while other 
passengers wait for their gadgets to charge.

Neo LOVES to fly. You get a blankie and a pillow and headphone and movies, oh my! 
Oh wait, and there's food and drinks too!

Daisy wins the award for 'Most able to sleep anywhere at anytime.'

And our airline wins the award for offering the most eyes per meal!
Like I always say, 'When I look at my food, it had BETTER look back at me!'
Crab anyone?

Monday, September 03, 2012

There, and Back Again

We made it to Maryland...that's a long way from Brookings, Oregon. Then, we hopped into our trusty mini-van, and headed back to Oregon. The total state count for this trip: 26! Total Emergency Room visits: 2. Total number of hugs from old friends and faithful supporters: 3859483859483738 (approximately). Now we're back in the Pacific Northwest, with only 9 days left 'til we return to the Philippines!

In Virginia, we spend a WONDERFUL 24 hours with our Philippines family, the Stranges. They will be ministering State-side now....oh how we'll miss them.
Neo was taught important life lessons at the Lockuffs, namely, how to properly eat a sticky roll! Our Williamsport friendships go all the way back to the 'Pre-Ally Era'!

Our trip wasn't all hugs and giggles. Ally had a rough time, and ended up in the E.R. twice. Here she's getting some much needed sleep after battling a migraine for 3 days. But even this was a blessing, when one of the members of the church we were visiting came and sat with Josh and the kids in the waiting room the entire time.

This is my Betsy Angel. She has emailed faithfully the entire time we've been in the Philippines. Sometimes with a verse, sometimes with a prayer, or a word of encouragement. How special it was to get to hug her in person!

We would be fat if we lived in Pittsburgh. There's some good eatin' there!

I love the midwest. Amish country is always intriguing. Sharing the road with buggies is both bizarre and exciting.

Swimming kept the kids sane these last 2 1/2 months. A dip in the pool erases the memory of 10 hours in the car! And it's even better when it's Aunt Nancy's pool!

A few more Brooklyn cuddles before we're off to the ends of the earth....and she grows up.

Lest I paint too rosy a picture, here's an awful snapshot of 'real life in the van'. Stopped at a rest stop. Trying to get emails and find a map. Grumpy face. Full bladder.