Thursday, August 09, 2012


No, not the sandwich place. I mean the REAL subway. In the last week we've seen the sights in Washington D.C., been to the Baltimore Harbor, and seen an Orioles game. But when we asked Neo what his favorite activity has been, he answered, 'THE TRAIN!' 

When you're from a tiny, coastal town in Oregon, riding the subway is kind of a big deal!

The hardest part of riding the subway...buying your tickets!
Could they make those machines any more complicated?  
No Sir Topham Hatt at this train station! 

 Daisy and Ally strategically positioned next to the 
map. We enjoyed a play by play on every stop and
how many were left before our destination.

 There's nothing to see out the window of the subway....
except your own reflection!

Friday, August 03, 2012

Tennessee! (State #12)

Well, I've learned two things about Tennessee this week; They do not, in fact, kill themselves bears ('bars') when they are only three. And, the Smoky Mountains are BEEEE-YU-TIFUL! 
Spending time with our 'tall parents' this week has been wonderful.