Monday, July 23, 2012


I'm sure my friend Kathy, from Tennessee, would have just the right sayin' to describe how I'm feelin'. But, the only way I can think to say it is that my heart is 'near to burstin' with all the love we're receiving during our summer travels. Each time we see another friend, I can feel my heart expanding a little bit more. What a wonderful way to end our time in the states. Our 'love tanks' will definitely be full when we step foot on Philippine soil again in September.

The Tiegs understand our quirky ways, and even let our missionary kids 
loose in their yard with water balloons!

These three families lavished love on us, just like they always have! 
People like these make the Ozarks one of our favorite places to be.

Out with Nascar, in with the Cardinals...the Smifits bonding over sports once again!

Not only has Papa Ron let us take over his basement for a month,
but he even lets you sit on his lap and steal his dessert!

The Hulletts host us, the Blairs feed us smokin' good ribs, and the Garrisons fix our
boo-boos, man we love these guys!!

The '9-10-11-12' club bonding over arcade games and 
friendship bracelets!

The Peters loving our family and sharing a 
passion for missions!

This crazy bunch made us laugh til 
our sides hurt and cheeks ached! 

Thank you Potters House for your support and your love 
and allowing a Moffit invasion this month!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Blast from the Past

It's hard to believe that it's been 10 years since we attended the New Tribes Missionary Training Center in Missouri with our friends, the Borbes. At that time, between our two families, we had 4 baby girls. Now we have a total of 9 kids! It was fun to take the kids out to the NTM campus this week and let them play in the lake.

It was also at the MTC that we met the Tiegs. They were on staff at the school, and had also served in the Philippines. They fed us a lot of good food back in the day...and encouraged us as we pursued a future serving in the Philippines. It was so much fun for us to get to reconnect with them this week!

I was dead wrong when I thought that our summer travels would be stressful. It has been nothing but a blessing as we've seen old friends, and been reminded of just how much we are loved. This trip has been like opening a treasure chest, and each friend we see, another gem...which has left me feeling very rich!

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

State Eight is Great

Our summer travels are divided into three parts; Pre-Missouri, Missouri, and Post-Missouri. Missouri of course, being 'State Eight'. So, here is what the first third looked like:



New Mexico



And FINALLY, Missouri

And that means swimming with our DEAR friends, the BORBES!!!

It's been GREAT to be back in Camdenton, being spoiled by the Huletts and hugging old friends!