Saturday, June 30, 2012

Days 5-9 

Today is day nine of Moffit Summer Tour 2012! We hit states 6 and 7 today. It's been a good trip. I'm writing this post at the beginning of our trip today. I think it will have a more upbeat tone to it while we're still 2 hours into our journey. By the time we reach Missouri (ten hours later), I'm pretty sure I will be feeling less cheerful!
I took this picture before I realized that 105 ain't nothin' in Arizona! 
I should've snapped a picture when it got to 117!

A lovely visit with my Granny, Uncle Mike and Aunt Mary. 
Thank you for your hospitality!!

Enchanting indeed.

White Sands National Park. Very cool. I'm thankful for a husband who likes to stop and see the sights. 
He's much more fun than I am.

Mind your own business, Freeway! 
(Yes Lord, I guess you do need to spell it out in black and white for me!)

Roswell, NM, where you can find aliens inside the UFO museum....

...and outside!

'Hoarders: Car Edition' here we come!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

King(s) of the Road

Goodbye Oregon, hello 23 states in 3 months! So far, so fun!


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lasts and Firsts

Last week was filled with 'lasts and firsts'. The last day of school was on Thursday. While all the other kids were laughing and whooping it up, my two girlies were very sad to have to say goodbye to friends and teachers. Daisy didn't have a lot of time to be sad though, as she had a date at the church with the pastor and his wife to help earn some money for camp. So, in an attempt to cheer up Ally girl, she and Neo and I went to the aquarium! That was a first for me, even though I grew up here. And it was definitely the first time Ally or Neo had ever touched a shark!

Surfer Dude



Then it was off to my sister's for our last time with them before we leave the States. We celebrated 3 birthdays and my sister and I got to celebrate Father's Day with our father for the first time since we were kids.

Bertha teaches a 'Tim Hawkins Appreciation' class

Ally makes her birthday twin laugh

The three dads

We wrapped up our last week in Brookings by sending Daisy off to summer camp for the first time! 

Tomorrow we hit the road! Next stop, California! 

Thursday, June 14, 2012



Wednesday, June 06, 2012


I love babies. Here are my favorite babies from the last 24 hours....

MY baby, Neo. In his world, the only thing better than a sweater - is two! I think the women's rubber boots really pull the whole outift together!  

And then these two PRECIOUS babies. We've been watching them for a week or so, but today they let us take their picture!

But the most exciting baby of all, is Benji and Jenela's baby, born yesterday in our house in the Philippines. After two girls, they finally got their (BIG) boy! 

Monday, June 04, 2012

A Fun-Filled Week

From here until September, the theme is 'People'. Saying hello and saying goodbye and spending as much time as possible with all the people we love on this side of the Pacific, before we take off to return to all the people we love on the other side of the Pacific!

Our week started with the Azalea Festival Parade. The kids have never really seen a proper parade (and yes, I consider the Azalea Festival parade a 'proper' one!). They loved it. Neo made out like a bandit, with candy and a stuffed animal and a little American flag. Family was in town for the festivities, but Neo's side-kick, Haydn, didn't want to  have anything to do with that noisy parade (until the tractors rolled into view!).

  "Hi Smokey!"

The day after the parade, Josh ran the festival half marathon and placed 7th- which was pretty good considering his only goal was, 'Just not to be last'. 
We also had a big graduation to attend last week. Neo's preschool graduation. He wasn't happy about wearing his graduation cap, but was all smiles once he was allowed to take it off. After all it did, 'Look silly'. 

 Neo's emotional well-being while still wearing the 'silly' cap

 Neo's emotional recovery after being allowed to take off his cap, 
put his 'dude hat' back on, and get a hug from Cami

Then a few days later, Ben and Char and Hunter rolled into town. We had a blast with them, going to the beach and the dunes, and eating amazing food that Char made! 

 Hunter, wearing Aunt Belinda's super-cool, maximum-protection, sand-shield goggles

We wrapped up the week with a visit from Fred and Carol, Josh preaching at a local church, lunch with the Kleespies, and karaoke and adobo with Ate Cynthia and Ron!

Today is a quiet, rainy day. Nothing on the calendar, but 'packing'. I vetoed the packing and took a nap instead. :)