Saturday, February 25, 2012

My 5 Year Old Boy!

My baby turned 5 on the 18th!

Here he is on his birthday eve...his last sleep as a four year old.

We kicked off the celebration of his life with a party at Grandma's house. She put up lots of cool birthday decorations, Aunt Taylor picked out an awesome Sponge Bob ice cream cake, and he got lots of rad presents!

But, that was the week before his birthday. For his actual birthday we went to Woodburn to watch Ally's birthday present get dedicated to the Lord. I suggested that on Saturday we all celebrate Neo's birthday at Chuck. E. Cheese (a.k.a. 'Parent Torture Chamber'), and I asked my talented sister to make him a cool cake. Up until her kids turned 8 or so, she always made them whatever kind of cake they wanted. She's done a tank, gumball machine, ocean, etc. She's awesome.

She decided on a Thomas cake. Thus began the cake-making insecurity that strikes her each party eve. There was much sighing and huffing and moaning and skypes to me that 'it was terrible'...'I should just chuck it'....etc, etc.

I was expecting the worst. Something like this (which I found by googling 'Thomas cake wrecks'):

So, imagine our surprise and delight when we walked in the house and saw this edible piece of art sitting on her kitchen table! I mean, is this a cool cake or what??

In case you can't tell from the photo, this bad boy comes complete with a Thomas engine, five separate cars, and train tracks!! Here's a closer look at the cargo...

Aunt Bethany asked Neo what part he wanted to eat, and he quickly replied, 'Thomas' face!' (boys are weird).

Happy birthday to Neo-boy!

Sunday, February 12, 2012


30...that's approximately how many pictures I took of this flower last week.

It's the first daffodil to bloom in the yard.

It's also the first daffodil that I've seen in about 7 years.

So beautiful.

Spring is springing!

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Sensitive Sisters

Josh and I each have one sister. And, those sisters are very sensitive to the needs of others. For example, when we came back to the States after 7 years overseas, we needed them to provide us with fresh nieces and nephews. And since they are so sensitive, they both complied. They may say that they were already planning on having more kids, but I like to think they each gave birth this year just for me!

In December we got to meet my sister's new little one, number four in their family, but ranking first place in the 'race to be the first one born on the Moffit's furlough'.

Let me introduce you to Tyler....

Cuddles with Daisy.

Cuddles with Ally (whose birthday he shares!).

Cuddles with Aunt Belinda.

Coming in second place in the 'who was born first' division, but sharing the lead in 'how much the Moffits love me' division is the beautiful Connley, Josh's sister's second little boy...

Cuddles with Aunt Belinda.

Cuddles (or whatever you call that) with Uncle Josh.

Cuddles with Daisy.

Almost cuddles with Neo.

Cuddles with Ally.

Thank you Bethany and Jess for your sensitive reproductive schedules! We are so BLESSED to be here for these two beautiful miracles.