Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bravo! Bravo!

Our hometown happens to have the coolest children's librarian ever. Well, she's not just the librarian..she's a magical machine of endless energy and love directed at the kids in this town. And as such, she directs a few children's productions at the community theater each year. I'm not sure what is more impressive, the kid's performances, or her 'Sound of Music-esque' attitude towards the kids - the perfect example of how to be 'firm but kind.' So, to Dori I say, 'Bravo, Bravo!'

But, in the words of Lorenza the Magnifica (as played by the beautiful and talented Daisy Moffit), let's talk about 'the real stars of the show'....those delightful Moffit girls!

Last Saturday was the final performance of the Brookings Harbor Community Theater's production of Pinocchio. Josh, the fun half of this parenting team, suggested the girls audition for the play, and man am I glad they did! I should have known that my 'somewhat Filipina' daughters would take to the stage like fish to water!

Daisy played the puppet master, Lorenza the Magnifica.
She was thrilled to play the part of the villain, complete with black cape and everything. With her sinister lines and all black ensemble, she captured the audience's imagination as she weaved a tale of wooden puppet turned real boy.

But to her ying, was Ally's yang. Ally, a sweet puppeteer in Lorenza's puppet show. Seated on a stool with her adorable 'puppet' at her feet, she delivered timely lines, sang beautiful songs, and made Pinocchio's adventure come to life.

Folks came from near and far to see these amazing young thes
pians. And by near, I mean the Brookings Moffits. And by far, I mean Perkins from Medford and the Lemleys from CJ. But, all drama aside - I kid you not, all four shows were sold out! Three cheers for the kids! Three cheers for Dori! Three cheers for the BHCT!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


So, all of you who are from anywhere east of the Rockies, please don't roll your eyes and launch into one of your 'You-call-that-snow?!-I'll-tell-you-about-snow!' speeches. Just hear me out, and be happy for our 1/4 inch dusting last Sunday.

See, Brookings doesn't get snow. Well, I take that back, I remember it snowing when I was a kid. Once. It lasted one day. This is the land of rain, not snow. So, imagine our DELIGHT when Josh yelled down the stairs Sunday morning, "IT'S SNOWING!"

The weird part? We've just had two months of sunshine. In a place that gets rain from October through June, it's been an odd winter. Then, it's snowed. No transitioning into winter this year. But, it still had that 'Brookings flavor.' Meaning, the weather changed every 5 minutes.

First, we have snow. Can you see those tiny flakes?! This is at 8:15 a.m.

This is at 9:05 a.m. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

Oh wait, the weather has changed her mind again (I'm assuming the weather is a girl in this scenario). This is the next morning.

What makes my heavenly Father so particularly cool in this situation, is that my kids had never seen falling snow before. Not for a lack of trying to see snow. In fact, we went hunting for snow twice last month. No snow. Anywhere. So, because God is gracious and the giver of good gifts, he just brought the snow to us. Thank you God for making a magical memory for my missionary munchkins.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

The Weirdest Thing...

So, I go to bed the other night, and when I wake up, my firstborn seems to have turned into a teenager overnight! How does this happen??!?!?!

(Isn't she beautiful!)