Friday, October 28, 2011

"What is that Animal?"

That's what Ally yelled out while we were eating dinner the other evening. So, we all jumped up to see what she was talking about and there, right outside our window, was a herd/family/group of elk (can you tell I'm not a hunter??)! First the lovely ladies came into the yard, first one, then another, then another...

Then, the bull came following behind! So BIG, and so majestic. What a special treat for us to see!

Also, just for the record, if you want to look like an ignoramous, respond to the question 'How big was he?' with, 'Super big!' Apparently, the correct way to the answer that question is to say how many points are on the antlers!

Friday, October 21, 2011

More Harvest Happiness

I really do LOVE this time of year, and find it absolutely delightful to be able to enjoy it this year in the western hemisphere.

One of my more recent pleasures...decorating the banister. I have to laugh when I think about what my friends across the ocean must think of tying 'dead' leaves to the handrail...but in the culture I happen to be in today, it's considered pretty!

Another delicious delight - apples! All kinds of apples! Although I do miss pineapples and papaya and the other tropical fruit we've gotten used to in the Philippines, I am thrilled at the apple variety on this side of the world! But the best part of apple season?- Dawn's amazing apple pie!!

And of course, pumpkins! Mounds and mounds of pumpkins at every grocery store! The kids (with a little help from parents and grandparents) carved up some pretty awesome jack-o-lanterns! And Grandpa cooked up some yummy seeds! In our other home, we cook pumpkins and serve them over rice, but making faces out of them is pretty fun too!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


When we're living overseas, the slippery slope into holiday homesickness always begins with my sister's blogpost about their trip to the pumpkin patch.

Dad and my sister's family go to the Baggenstos Farm corn maze and pumpkin patch every autumn, and we just watch from afar. But...this year, we were invited to go along too! It was a blast!

There was a playground, and bales of hay to play on, a country store, hay rides, a jack-o-lantern corn maze and a great, big pumpkin patch!

The kids tried to find the biggest pumpkins they could lift!

Papa and the grandgirls head into the maze!

Meanwhile, back at the hay bales, Neo defies gravity.

The big kids jumped, and jumped...and jumped!

Happy Fall!

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Para ki Kimx2, puun ki Neo

Tagswimming a ta wahig.

Tagdula kay ki Ate Daisy daw ki Ate Ally.

Tagsakay a hu board.

Tagswimming a duma ki Naomi (sa ig-agaw ku).

Diya a ta barn.

Kumusta ka Kimx2?

Tagbulungon a imu.

Daw a pa namahaw daw pan sa kinaon ku.

Tagdula a usahay hu mga toys ku.

Imantu igdiya a ta balay hu lola ku.

Sigi, bye-bye!