Thursday, September 29, 2011


There is a very cool 'barn' shed at the place we're staying. And it's got all sorts of cool stuff that 4 year olds love to play with. Things like antlers and buckets and wood! Neo spends many hours playing up their with 'his stuff'. Here, he's making a train track for his antlers to ride on.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Hot Date, Bad Pictures

Josh and I spent the weekend in the Bay Area, celebrating our anniversary. Thankfully, our love is sweeter than the photos we took on our trip.

'Get a picture of me with the skyline in the background!....Oh, too light (and blurry)...try again.'

'Um, too dark...try again.'

'Uh, sure, whatever, good enough!'

The three of us at the stadium (that would be Josh, myself, and my chin).

'Oooh, I'll get an 'artsy' photo of Josh and some famous pitcher....Uhhh, yeah, not so artsy (unless you're into big nostrils and little, blurry baseball players).'

I was afraid our 13th year of marriage might mean bad marital luck, fortunately it looks like it's only affecting our photography skills!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Captain Ally

Last Friday was 'Pirate Day' at Ally's school. Well, we didn't exactly bring a chest of pirate gear back with us from overseas, so with the help of some Halloween gear from Freddie's and Daisy's scarf, I think we managed to produce ourselves a pretty darn cute pirate! The funniest part was hearing the other moms in the store muttering, 'Pirate stuff, pirate stuff, where's the pirate stuff?'

And - Ally's class won cookies for being the most 'pirate-y' classroom!

Friday, September 16, 2011


Thursday, September 15, 2011

This and That

The summer is winding down, and so are trips to the river and the beach. Labor day was spent relaxing with family at Josh's favorite old swimming hole.

The girls prepared date night for Josh and I. They prepared all the food, and they even got dressed up and 'waited' on us.

Ally said, 'We're like pioneers.' That was after an afternoon spent making jam and cooking and freezing beans.

My adorable little helper. He's become a huge fan of that he's discovered the Swiffer!

Friday, September 09, 2011

Real School!

My girls have been wanting to go to 'real' school for most of their childhood. And, the idea of someone else doing all those lesson plans and correcting all those papers sounded pretty good to me too! So, last Tuesday, their 'dreams came true'. Ally started 4th grade at the same school where I attended 4th grade. And Daisy started 6th grade at the same school where her dad attended 6th grade!

Aunt Jess and Grandma were 'school shopping heroes'. They took the girls out, and in one day had everything on their list bought - and found some pretty sweet deals too! So, with new school supplies in hand, we took Ally to meet her teacher and choose her desk. The best part about Ally's class...her Fil-Am (Filipino American) teacher!

And for Daisy, well, it turns out that in middle school you get your own locker and you get to go from classroom to classroom depending on the subject! Yesterday we went to an open house at her school and met the tarantula in her science classroom (ick).

What's been great for me, as a mom sending her kids off to school for the first time ever, has been the staff. Ally's teacher and principal and vice principal have been amazingly helpful and supportive of Ally. They make us feel like she's the most important kid in the school.

And Daisy goes off to school under the guidance of our favorite math teacher from high school, who is now the vice principal at the middle school!

So, it's been a week of adjustments, a few tears, lots of stories and memories and overall a very exciting time!

And Neo and I, well, we're having fun driving everyone around in our mini-van, running errands, having coffee at Grandma's house, or just spending the day at home together!

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Berry Pickers

We are living out in the country, with the deer, the lizards, the bugs, the trees....and lots and lots of blackberries!!

So, the girls and I went blackberry picking the other day. After an hour, we had three big cups full of berries, and we were ready to bake!


Neo's Finger

Belinda: Do you think Neo should be using a knife?

Josh: He's fine.

(5 minutes later....)

Josh: Uh oh, my bad.

Belinda: (stony silence)

Neo: (after being bandaged) I want to go to Lapoc and show Uncle Mark!