Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Redwoods

I'm not bragging...we really do live in the most beautiful place on earth! And we've been to a lot of places on this earth! We've got the ocean, the rivers and the redwoods! It's almost too much grandeur for the senses to process!

Last Sunday, after church, we took a stroll through the redwoods....

Little boy, big trees!

The whole family inside the roots of a fallen giant.

Proving to Grandma that there ARE trees bigger than all nine of us linked together!

Ally and I enjoying the vandalism.

Even the slugs are big in the redwoods!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dad's House

When the pressure of missionary life heats up, I often find myself daydreaming about a BBQ in Dad's backyard. And last week, we didn't have to daydream about it, we got to go in real life!

Dad, Debra and Ashley put on a fun-filled and delicious weekend. Great grillin', great fun, great family time!

Dad and Josh enjoying a morning cup of coffee

The Grill-master at work!

Pool time with newly-acquainted cousins

Giggles and hugs with Nana

The kids and the grandparents at the park

The lazy pool-side princess

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Moffit Time!

It's been absolutely FANTASTIC spending the last two weeks with the Moffit clan. We've had BBQ's, trips to the beach, trips to the river, trips to the store (complete with Grandma pushing the grandboys in a great, big car cart!), and lots of ice-cream at the Port!

Rafting with Grandpa

Silly cousins

Riding in Grandma Di's cool jeep.

Watching the musical Moffits

Burgers and family, the perfect pair!

Watching fireworks with Grandma.

Thursday, July 07, 2011


Our final weeks in the Philippines before we left for home assignment were full of 'lasts'. Last meals with friends. Last meetings. Last parties. Last church services. Lots of lasts and lots of goodbyes and lots of tears. But all those emotional lasts were a reminder that the last five years have been meaningful and rich - and that's what made saying goodbye so hard.

Our last Sunday. Daisy and Ally and their group of friends sang a song together.
As you can see, some sang, some turned around and cried.

We had a yummy meal with our newest neighbors. They fixed us their famous pork barbeque...
too bad we just discovered their recipe as we were leaving!

Our last party with our 'sakop'...all the people who are connected in some way to the Moffit household. They sang us songs, said special goodbyes, then after all the tears, we played games, laughed and ate yummy food.

Our last team meeting. Amay even made us our favorite meal...a whole chicken slow-cooked in Sprite!

Our final meal with our Filipino 'parents'.

The girls threw a final slumber party for their 'sisters'.