Monday, June 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Bertha

'Sister Bear', 'Queenie', 'Bethany', 'Berth'-
The most-est-ly, fantastical sister on earth!

When I grow up, I want to be like her...
I mean, when I grow down, cuz she's so much short-er.

If y'all could meet her, you'd know what I mean,
she's a plannin' slash cleanin' slash organizin' machine!

Just hand her a broom and she'll clean any mess -
and she'll do it in exactly three minutes (or less).

But she's not just a cleaner, not just a list-maker,
she's a cooker, a blogger, a chauffeur, a baker.

She knows lots about words like 'clippers' and 'curly',
thanks to the heads of her boys and sweet girly.

But all of these talents don't even compare
to the person beneath all that Aslan-like hair.

Her mind is amazing, like an elephant really.
She remembers each memory, not matter how silly.

And yet her fine mind's still not the best part,
Cuz in that wee person is a GIGANTIC heart!

With this huge heart she makes everyone feel
like it's totally fine to be totally real.

It's o.k. to be quirky, it's o.k. to be flawed,
she never makes me feel weird for being so odd.

And the laughter that comes bubbling out of her heart
reminds me that 'funny's way funner than 'smart'.

And so on her birthday in her far-away home,
I hope that she giggled because of this pome. ;)

Sunday, June 12, 2011


When we were students, studying to live in a cross-culture environment, we use to say things like;
‘Tribal people’
‘Those people’
And the worst, ‘Our people’

But after 5 years living among these amazing people, our vocabulary has changed. Now, we cringe when we hear our friends labeled as ‘tribal’, ‘ours’, ‘those people’, etc.

Instead these people now have names, titles, relationships. They are now our brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, grandparents. They are our neighbors and friends. Some we know as teachers, officials or church-mates.

We no longer see this place as ‘our village’ or these people as ‘our people’, actually, we are grateful that they even allow us to live here. The truth is, we are THEIR people in THEIR village! What an honor.

Dinner with friends. Well, they feel more like family to be honest!

The only world Ally knows, one full of black hair and eyes, dark skin, laughter, and friends who speak a language different to the one spoken in her home.

Sunday, June 05, 2011


Our lovely neighbour, Mrs. T, has been teaching the girls Art. One of their assignments was to take photos of their environment.

So, here are a few of the things which make up our environment:

Pigs. Yep. Lots of pigs. They are stinky and noisy and when they are getting butchered it is one of the creepiest sounds in the world. But- they are also a great money-maker and the meat is delicious, which is why so many of our friends here own them!

Flowers. Lots and lots of beautiful flowers. If you grow Calla Lilies, you can sell them to the flower-buyer for a peso each!

Houses. The houses here look different to the homes in the states, but it’s what our kids are used too. All the homes here have a kitchen with a fire ‘shelf’ for cooking. Most have a porch, a small outhouse out the back and a fence around the yard. Some floors are dirt, some are cement and some are split bamboo (that’s my favorite, you can just sweep the dirt right through the cracks!).

And of course, their environment wouldn’t be complete without a picture of their own home. The longest our family has ever lived in one place. A house we love, full of memories and all things ‘Moffit’.