Tuesday, April 26, 2011


My baby is so big now. Can you still call them ‘babies’ when they’re 11? Well, a few weekends ago a big ‘first’ happened in our home. It was the first time Daisy got to attend a youth group function, and the first time she went somewhere overnight without her sister!

Our good friend, Jane, held a two-day seminar for all the teenagers 11 and up. It’s called the Shine Program, and it teaches the young ladies about how valuable they are to God. Daisy wasn’t sure she wanted to go, until she saw this:

They had lessons on value and confidence and not judging others by their appearances. They had make-overs and a fashion show. And we could hear peals of laughter all the way down at our house! Then on Sunday, they all sang a special number in church.

Afterwards, the moms and the daughters went to a special meeting together. There, Jane did a great job of teaching a quick overview of the 5 love languages. Then the girls all received a certificate and they all gave their moms (or aunties or older sisters) a special gift to tell us how much they love us.

Not only did Daisy have a blast, but we were so, so proud of Ally. She could have chosen to pout and cry and feel sorry for herself that she couldn’t go, but she didn’t. She smiled, and she was excited for her sister. And besides, ‘Ally time’ was pretty fun too!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


We are so spoiled. We have a schoolroom full of school-books. We have a bedroom full of children’s books. We have offices full of self-help, spiritual and resource books. We have the internet, where we can order any book, on any topic, at any time. We have libraries, bookstores and book clubs. We are so spoiled.

But imagine if there were NO books in your language! None.

That’s what makes us so happy and proud of all the literature and curriculum our team has been able to produce over the years. The people we work among now have, in their very own language, huge portions of the scriptures and lessons to go along with them, they have books for women, lessons for men, a new children’s book, a songbook, medical books, a midwifery book and even a book that gives a short overview of every book in the Bible.

Our kids are even getting excited about all these books, and Daisy bought three new books for herself the other day! A new book of Mark, a new songbook and a new book of Luke!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Not as in the civilization, but as in the book of the Bible. That’s what our life is centered around these days. Our co-workers are translating this book into the local dialect, and Josh and I are preparing and teaching the lessons. Well, Josh prepares and teaches, and I do the correcting/editing. It’s a lot of work, and a lot of ‘re-dos’ before we get it just right. But, it’s worth it all to see people understanding Jesus Christ a little bit better each week.

A sample of what a lesson looks like after it’s been checked. Lots of mistakes means lots of potential for improvement!

Josh teaching one of the Romans lessons.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Mom’s Day and Dad’s Day

There’s Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, but that’s so unoriginal. Our lovely daughters decided to just pick two random days and make them special for each of their parents. So, on Dad’s day, they made lunch all by themselves. Then they baked Dad’s favorite cookies, peanut butter!

Then it was Mom’s turn the next day. After church they didn’t invite any friends over. Then, they treated me to a mani-pedi, we went for a walk, and we made no-bake cookies.

We felt very special and very loved!