Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sa Pilipinas- The Philippines

I downloaded three years of pictures off my phone the other day, and discovered some fun pictures I had snapped of random ‘Filipino-ness’.

Look at these veggies that came as garnishes with our sandwiches! Filipinos have a way of sneaking in beauty in the least likely places.

Cracks me up that this sign is hanging in the bathroom of the nicest mall in town. Who exactly was doing their dishes in here? How did they bring them in? Is this a common problem? Makes me laugh.

Can you believe this is the lobby of a …..hospital??? Now, the average Filipino, unfortunately, is not treated to piano music and marble floors when they go to the hospital. But, when Josh got his ACL operated on, I couldn’t believe the grandeur of this place! I wouldn’t want to be sick in this place…I want to go on a date here!

I took this picture to PROVE that you CAN get a massage while you are enjoying your Whopper! Seriously, in the Philippines, Burger King often offers free massages to their customers! Now, I’m more of a ‘Eat my Whopper in peace’ kind of gal, but Josh, he’s like, ‘A Whopper with a side of deep-tissue-knot-removal please!’

I mean really, how can you not love this country?!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

All That for M&Ms???

One day I was skyping with my sister back in the states, and she said, ‘I just got back from the store. I went there to buy some M&Ms’. I was dumbfounded. All the way to the store for a bag of candy???

Then I remembered that ‘normal’ people actually can ‘run to the store’ when they need to.

But, here are a few photos of our trip ‘to the store’, and the reason why we would never go just for a bag of candy!

One hour down the mountain and we get bogged.

Thankfully, a group of friends from our village were behind us on their motorbikes and helped dig us out.

Two hours down the mountain and we get a flat. Thank goodness for the tiny village that happened to have a tire repair ‘hut’!

Eventually, 4 hours later, we made it to town. Stayed for a week and did all the shopping necessary for the next 6 weeks!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Recipe for Fun

1 hose
1 basin
3 kids
And the great outdoors
Season with squeals of laughter.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Two special little lives have just made their grand entrance into the world!

Our beloved co-worker’s daughter just had her first baby, a little girl we call ‘Shine’. We already knew that our co-workers would make fantastic grandparents, because they’ve spent the last 4 ½ years being terrific grandparents to the three little Moffits!
Shahanna and the three Moffit kiddos

Ally holding her Apu Elsa’s first grandbaby

And then, a few days later, precious little GraceLee (well, that’s what they’re going with for now, baby names have a tendency to change a few times around here before they find one they want to stick with). This little life is the daughter of my best Filipina friend and the woman who taught me how to speak this beautiful language – Amor. Amor lost a baby boy about 5 years ago, so baby Grace is truly that, a reminder of God’s grace.

Amor and I and GraceLee

Seriously, could she be any more precious. Look at that dimple!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Twin Tub

I had someone write me a while back and ask me how life is different for a missionary woman living overseas than it is for an American woman living in the states. Well, to be honest, I had a hard time thinking of how it’s that different. I’m so used to my life, that it all seems so normal to me now.

So, I’ve been trying to look at my life through the lens of someone who has never lived overseas and try and see the differences.

Which brings me to my washing machine.

Ever heard of a ‘twin tub’? Well, it’s this:

You get the hose and fill up this side:

Then you add the clothes and soap and turn it on. Turning it on makes it slosh back and forth for about 20 minutes. Then, you take the clothes out of the twin tub, and rinse them by hand in a basin like this:

Then, you put them in this side of the twin tub:

This thing spins almost every drop out of the clothes. Seriously, I can’t believe how well it wrings the clothes out.

Then, you take them out, and hang them on the line.

So, yeah, I guess when it comes to doing laundry, there are some differences in the life of a missionary. But, you won’t hear me complain. For one thing, I have friends that come and work at the house and do all the laundry for me (that’s a post for another day). AND….all my friends here wash their clothes by hand!! That makes the twin tub look pretty good!