Tuesday, February 22, 2011

School Days, School Days

A little peek into the Moffit classroom….
Ally, the 3rd grader, hard at work.

Daisy, the 5th grader, looking so studious.

O.k., here’s the thing. I hate clutter. I hate messes. It gives me stress, and I can’t concentrate. So, I’m constantly nagging my little students to ‘keep your stations clean!!!’ Which makes this next photo of my desk to ironically hypocritical!

Yeah Mom, practice what you preach!! This is what it looks like when the teacher is grading papers, entering grades on the computer, making cards, writing thank-you notes….I know, excuses, excuses.

Our maps. The world, and our beloved Philippines. We’re proud because we mounted and hung these ourselves!

Neo the cutie pie, playing patiently outside the schoolroom door.

Ally's writing assignment: "Meeting Neo for the First Time"

I was never so happy as when we brought Neo home. He was in Cagayan De Oro at that time. When I got out of the truck it was really hot, I almost sweated! When we stepped inside I saw a big play area and lots of toys and some kids. Then we arrived at a room full of babies. A woman went into the nursery and picked up the baby we were going to adopt. Mom and Dad hadn't met him yet. Neo- the baby boy was so cute and little! Dad held him and then Mom held him. I was really happy and excited that we were going to have a new baby!"

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How Many Monkeys?

How many little monkeys can you spot in this citrus tree?

Hint: count the flip flops underneath it!

We have two citrus trees in our front yard that attract kids like bees to honey! Yeah, I get annoyed with the constant stream of kids asking for fruit….but, hey there’s no cases of scurvy in this neighborhood!!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

A Royal Visitor
Or should I say a royally cute visitor. Remember little Princess? She lived with us for 2 ½ weeks back in August. At that time she was 20 months old, but weighed less than what a 6 month old baby should weigh. Not only that, one eye was swollen shut and her ruptured eardrum was constantly dripping. She couldn’t sit up and she had lost her voice. After two weeks with us, not only had she recovered from her various sicknesses and gained over a kilo, she had also stolen our hearts.

However, once we returned her home to her mother and brothers (all 9 of them), she didn’t want anything to do with us. She was afraid we would take her away from her family again. It was so sad. But, after a few months, she started giving us hugs when we saw her at church. Then she started letting us hold her again. And then a few weeks ago, wonder of wonders, she asked to come home with us after we had visited her at her house!! We were delighted. She came and played and was supposed to spend the night, but once it got dark, she decided she wanted her mom and we took her home. But, hey, how wonderful of her to give us at least a short visit.

Oh how we love our little Princess!!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

From My Window
Here are a few snapshots I took from the window of our house the other day.
A carrot harvest. When carrots are harvested here, most of the workers pull up carrots, while a select few of the men sort them by size. Then they put them in huge sacks and haul them up to the road to be taken to town on a vegetable truck.

Giant Bamboo

Josh visiting with a friend, who is taking a break from plowing.

A grapefruit tree

An ‘empty’ horse trotting down to the carrot-field.

A ‘full’ horse climbing back up from the field.

And that’s what I saw from my window.