Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Big Kids
There are times when all the sudden the kids seem older. Like they go to bed little and wake up big. These three pictures capture this amazing process perfectly.
Daisy, modeling some of the accessories she bought with her Christmas money.

Ally flaunting how fashion savvy she is.

Neo-boy ice-skating. I think he had better balance than all of us!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Flowery Reception

Once a year we take a two week break to attend our annual missionary conference, get stuff done in Manila, and just relax.

And more often than not, this is the kind of thing that greets us when we get home…

While we’re away, the ladies that work in our home continue to look after it and take care of the animals, and they always do something special for us to welcome us home. Sometimes flowers in a vase, cards, banners, or all three!


Translation- Welcome home our siblings in Christ. Thank God that you are healthy. And hopefully you are all happy. We love you siblings. Thank you for loving us. 2011 Welcome Family Moffit.


We are very blessed to have such beautiful friends!

But the flowers on the door weren’t the only ones waiting to welcome us. The vine that my beautiful friend, Ab, gave me over 3 years ago FINALLY bloomed for the first time!!

That God even made flowers in the first place amazes me and makes me love Him even more. And then that our friends continue to use them to show their love just adds to their beauty!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

December, Part 2

You keeping up? You ready for some more Moffit December chaos?? Strap on your seatbelts, there’s more!

Next came another very special day … Daisy’s 11th birthday! No ants this time, just good, bug-less fun.

Then, it was Neo’s preschool party. They did a dance (well, everyone danced except Neo- he’s more of a ‘stand perfectly still while everyone else dances’ type), we had a very loud and confusing gift exchange and then a delicious lunch of chicken, bread, rice, noodles, sticky rice and ‘suman’ (a dessert that is basically mashed up root crop wrapped in a banana leaf).

And no Christmas season is complete without a party for everyone who works in the Moffit household. Including spouses and kids, there’s almost 50 of us!

The morning that we were cooking and preparing for this party, I was whining to some of the ladies that Christmas is hard for me because I miss my family back home so much. But, as I watched our sakop (‘our group’) laughing and playing and dancing and just enjoying each other’s company, I was reminded that although my American family is far away, God has filled the void with a big, beautiful Filipino family, and I’m SOOO blessed to be able to spend Christmas with them!

The next day, it was my Bible study group’s Christmas party (are you beginning to realize that Filipinos LOVE to party?!).

And then FINALLY Christmas Day! On the 25th, the Moffits closed up the house, hid inside and had a nice, QUIET day! Ahhhh.

Would you believe that altogether we had 13 party invites in the month of December and ended up attending 11!!

Needless to say, we’re spending a lot of time relaxing this month!

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

December, Part 1
December was so incredibly CRAZY that it’s going to take me two posts to get it all in. But please, hop on board and take a ride on the insanity train that was my December!

December was ushered in while we were on a team vacation. Our church-planting team is made up of us, an Australian family, and three Filipino families (all from different language groups!). So, every few years we take a team vacation, get away from it all, and just enjoy our blended ‘family’.

Then, about a week later we celebrated a very special day … Ally’s 9th birthday!

But, where we live, even the simplest birthday celebration can turn into a drama when the ants get into the cupcakes. And not just any cupcakes, a Betty Crocker box mix that we had been saving! So, we got out the hair dryer and made those ants wish they’d never heard of Betty Crocker!

In between all the fun, however, the work continued. These three girls are the newest members of ‘Team Moffit’. They are training to be ‘lesson checkers’. Here they are diligently whittling away on a mountain of lessons needing to be checked.

And then there was ‘family day’ at church. An ALL DAY event (starting at 9:00 a.m. and going until midnight!) consisting of church, lunch, games, dinner, talent shows, singing competitions, a Christmas play, movies……

Our girls were an angel (Daisy) and a shepherdess (Ally).