Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Time to Cry....A Time to Laugh

August has held a lot of tears. But, there is a time to cry and a time to laugh. So here are some things about August that have made me laugh (or at least smile!)

A picture of Josh preaching, that looks like he's singing! 'Amazing Graaaaace...'

My friends on the doorstep singing Happy Birthday and bringing flowers!

My kids!

Riri, my little friend who comes to our house every day at 4:00 to eat a nutritious meal and have a glass of milk. After one month, he's starting to fatten up and looking so handsome!

Friday, August 06, 2010

I Said, 'What About Breakfast at....Joshua's'

My studly husband holds a weekly Bible Study/Breakfast on Saturday mornings with about 6 of the Bible teachers. Each week they do a rough overview of each book of the Bible. Josh even gets up at 5:00, cooks the rice, meat, eggs, etc!!

Benji, stop grinning at the camera, you're ruining the shot!

That's better, very serious!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010


Pahina means 'working bee'. And now that I have an 'iskwila' - a kid going to school, I get to attend the monthly working bees at the school. All the moms bring their machetes and we chop the grass by hand!! Not your typical PTA activity in the states, I'm guessing, but it gets the job done! And it makes me laugh too.

Marita chopping, while Manang Idi chit chats.

Proof that the white woman knows how to wield a machete!

The finished product, one big ol' sack of chopped grass!
Ally's Heart

My middle kid is a bit of a sassy pants at times. But, she has a tender heart. If you ask her what she wants to be when she grows up she'll tell you all about her plans to open a children's home in the slums of Manila. She even drew up a floor plan the other day, and her and her sister made a model of it with boxes and tape!