Friday, June 18, 2010

First Day Of School!

Last Thursday was a BIG day in the Moffit household!

The first Moffit kid to ever attend 'outside' school (meaning not at home) went off to school.

Neo started preschool...or as it's called in Filipino English, 'daycare'.

He had his bag, paper, pencils, snack, nanny and chair....o.k. so the last two aren't what you might bring with you to school in America, but it's what our little guy brought.

Because there is a shortage of desks and chairs, the kids brought their own. And because Josh and I work full-time, Neo's babysitter (and our lifesaver!) will go with Neo to school each Tues. and Thurs. morning.

Another great thing about going to school, is that Neo will learn his third language there! He is doing a great job with English and Tala-andig, and now he'll learn the trade language, Bisaya (and even a bit of the national language, Tagalog!!).

Off goes the little pupil.....

Almost there. It was pure excitement, until the first step in the door, then Neo decided he was ready to go home. But he stuck it out and survived his first day of school.

So happy to be able to sit next to his good friend, and our neighbor, Kim-kim!

Lots of moms and kids - and one amazing teacher! But, we've been warned, starting in August, all the moms can wait outside!