Thursday, March 25, 2010

Through a Different Lens

Our co-workers recently had some visitors come and stay for about 2 weeks. They asked them to just take as many picture as possible.

Here are some of the things they saw through their camera lenses, that I want to share with you...

They saw a village clinic, completely run by the Tala-Andig people themselves. A place where fevers, and coughs and worms and kidney infections and other various illnesses can all be cured. And they saw Bheng, the gentle lady who runs the clinic. One of the most faithful workers I've ever met.

They saw people in village after village being taught God's Word by faithful Bible teachers. They saw large groups and small groups. They saw people praising God in song and worshiping God through the study of HIS Word.

They saw ladies coloring. They are the ones who color all the drawings that the Bible teachers use when they teach God's Word.

They saw both Filipinos and Westerners working together to bring God's message of hope to an entire people group.

They saw new leaders being born into the church. Leaders who can help each other to serve the believers and guide them as they grow in the Lord.

My Kids

A little photo update on the world's cutest kids.....

Here is Ally beaming with pride after finishing her first creative writing story with her new teacher, Mrs. B. We are so proud of Ally. She loves writing, and more than that, she loves editing her writing. We're hoping that kind of humility stays with her her whole life!

And Neo, here he is just chillin' and watching a movie. Neo's three favorite things right now? Movies, chocolate and going 'bye bye'!!

A sleep over. The girls love having their friends sleep over. And it's especially fun when it's friends from a different village! Here they are all as snug as 4 bugs in a rug!

Last week I assigned a performing arts assignment for the girls. They had one week to make up a dance, with costumes, to perform for Daddy and I. Well, they took their assignment very seriously, spent a LOT of time preparing and treated Josh and I to a spectacular display of 'clown dancing'!

The highlight of the week, though, was getting a surprise in the mail from Papa back in Oregon. He made a movie called 'Storytime with Papa' and told them the story of the three little Moffits. The girls loved it. Here they are laughing at pictures of them as babies with food on their faces!