Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Tropical Christmas

This year we spent Christmas on a remote island with our good, good friends who are also missionaries with us here in the Philippines.

Much to Neo's delight, the trip involved three different modes of transportation (or 'broom brooms'). Two airplane rides, a van ride and a boat ride!!

No snow and ice for us this Christmas. We were sweating, drinking fresh coconut juice and swimming in the ocean for our Christmas festivities.

Not only was our Christmas tropical, it had a German flair too, as we celebrated Christmas on Christmas eve instead of Christmas morning. But that wasn't the only international flavor, we missionaries are so used to doing things the non-traditional way.... our Christmas dinner was fajitas!! Yum.

But, tropical islands, German friends, good food, coconut juice and swimming aside, the only REAL reason we had any joy at all this Christmas is because of Jesus. He's the one who created the beauty of this island. He's the one who gives us the ability to enjoy and savor good food. He's the one who puts the beauty in friendships. And he's the one who gives us true life.

Merry Christmas.
In the St. Nick of time!

My sister sends our Christmas presents from home every November (along with other 'non-Christmas' related items, like allergy medicine and clothes for the people in the village) ....some years we get them in time for Christmas, some years we get them in time for Valentines Day. This year, we got them the day before we left for our annual trip to Manila. Whew.

Yeah! Box day!!

A sewing kit from Nana and Papa!

Ally's new baby.

Neo all snuggled up in his new choo-choo blankie from Aunt Bethany!