Sunday, October 11, 2009

My New Office

Gotta Laugh

Missionary life would be impossible without a sense of humor. Especially if you need to go to the hospital. Despite the fact that we are more adjusted now to life in the Philippines than we are to life in the U.S., my recent hospital stay still gave me lots to laugh about.

Thanks to a lumbar strain, I found myself in the hospital for 2 days. Since the lower back pretty much controls all body movement, I found myself flat on my back and completely helpless.

The most amusing part of my hospital stay was my m.r.i. The m.r.i. machine was located in a building across the street from the hospital. And, since I couldn't walk or sit up, I was wheeled, on a gurney, through the hospital, OUT the front doors, DOWN the street and into the building that housed the m.r.i. machine. I was soooooo embarrassed and such a spectacle (not a lot of white ladies being wheeled down the streets in the Philippines!), that I just pulled the sheet up over my head - which probably didn't help since I then looked like a corpse!

I did the same thing as I was being wheeled down the halls of the hospital, but my friend quickly reminded me that 'They can all still see your white toes sticking out!'

Another funny thing was the advice I was given. Filipinos love to give advice, solicited or not. For example my taxi driver on the way to the Emergency Room suggested I get a massage. Filipinos think massages cure everything. And a friend of a friend who came to be my 'watcher' (the nurses don't take care of you at the hospitals here, you have to provide your own 'watcher') told me that this happened because we built our house near a big tree and didn't ask permission from the tree spirits.

Luckily the doctor knew what it was and I was given the right medicine!

As amusing as it all is, it just shows how deep superstition runs in the culture here. And why we have given our lives to share the TRUTH that sets people free from fear.

Here I am being a very obedient patient and doing my 3 days of bed rest - sorta. If I can't go to my office, my office can come to me!