Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today I'm 31 (gasp!)

Here are 31 things I'm thankful for:

1. Josh
2. Daisy
3. Ally

4. Neo
5. All my family and friends in America
6. All my family and friends in the Philippines
7. My health
8. Money in the bank

9. Food in the cupboards
10. A vehicle
11. The Word of God
12. Salvation
13. My job
14. My house
15. My beautiful co-workers who serenaded me at 4:30 this morn
16. My sister's family and my Grandma who sent over a LOT of chocolate
17. Each day
18. The end of each day
19. Kids who are thriving in school

20. The way Neo makes us laugh every day
21. Emails and skypes from people I love who are far away
22. Filipino food
23. My bed
24. Paquiao our new puppy
25. Flowers
26. Rain

27. Presents
28. The love of God
29. Our supporters
30. The mountains
31. Life

Friday, August 14, 2009

Family Picture

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Last week 31 men from 9 different villages all attended a seminar on the Book of Mark.
These men are all Bible teachers, and sat through 26 hour-long lessons on the Book of Mark. Now, equipped with this new information, they will go home to their villages and begin to teach their own people this amazing book.

But, it's not easy putting on a week long seminar. 2 married couples slept at the church the whole week and cooked all the meals for the men. A group of ladies helped print and assemble 40 books of all the Mark lessons. 4 men took turns teaching the lessons and of course the 31 men themselves left their families, fields and livestock for an entire week in order to learn as much as they could about God's Word!!

Gigay and Amor assemble books containing 26 lessons on the book of Mark

The men listen attentively.

Meals of course were one of the weeks highlights....MEAT EVERY MEAL!! Unheard of!

Our precious Bible teachers, equipped and ready to teach the book of Mark.
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Monday, August 03, 2009

The Kids

Neo modeling Mommy's socks
Daisy and Ally with their olive, cream cheese
and carrot penguins
The Moffit kids coloring
Homeschool graduation (in pajamas!)
Now on to 2nd and 4th grade!
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Sunday, August 02, 2009

A Special Little Girl

Well all the kids here are unique and precious, but this one is particularly special to me. And not just because her dad is Josh's best friend and
her mom is one of my close friends. And it's not because this picture was taken on her birthday.

No, Chin-chin is special because she is a reminder.

Our first week in the village, I attended a class that my co-worker was teaching to some of the ladies about being clinic workers, and Chin-chin's mom was attending. Chin-chin was a brand-new baby, and I remember holding her so that her mom co
uld take notes.

So, each birthday that we celebrate with Chin-chin is also like a mini anniversary celebration in my heart.

When Chin-chin turned one, we were also celebrating one year as tribal missionaries. When Chin-chin turned two, we had been in the village two years and were about to pass our final language check, AND both of her parents had become Christians. When Chin-chin turned 3 last week, we also celebrated three years serving God among thes
e beautiful people!

Three years of life for Chin-chin and three years of life in this village for our family.

So, as you can see, Chin-chin is a special little girl.