Monday, July 27, 2009


As a woman, I wear a lot of different hats in one day. It's a balance issue,
finding the balance between motherhood, work, being a wife, and the hundred other things that demand my time each day.

Yesterday I felt particularly unbalanced, as I couldn't seem to keep up with all the hat-changes required of me in just 24 short hours.

First, I thought, 'I need a clone.' But after I thought about that for about 2 1/2 seconds, I decided the world does not need two Belinda's.

Then I thought, 'I need more hours in a day.' But, really, I'm glad that I c
an depend on each day ENDING. No matter how busy a day gets, it's still just one day - thank you Lord!

Then I thought, 'I need to readjust my thinking when it comes to this whole 'hat' issue.'

See, I was looking at my day as a merry-go-round of hat changes. First my mom hat - breakfast. Then my teacher hat - homeschooling. Then my wife hat - Josh needed me to help him with something. Then my missionary hat - investigating some word meanings. Then my computer technician hat - teaching our helpers how to use a computer. Then m
y nurse hat - neighbor's baby is dying. Then my mom hat again, then my teacher hat, then wife, then missionary, and round and round I went.

Then, my gentle, gracious Savior reminded my heart of this verse:

"Put on salvation as your helmet..." Ephesians 6:17

And thus ended my hat-changing mentality. As I was reminded that as a Christian, and as a daughter of the king of kings, I only have to wear one hat - salvation. That one hat trumps all the other hats. My helmet of salvation, my reminder that I am adopted into God's family makes any job that comes my way do-able.

Then I read this passage:

"In your strength I can crush an army, with my God I can scale any wall....God is my strong fortress, He makes my way perfect. He makes me as sure-footed as a deer, enabling me to stand on mountain heights." 2 Samuel 22:30, 31, 34

When I do the hat-change circus act all day, it's in my own strength,
and quite frankly, not a pretty picture. When I wear just one hat - my helmet of salvation, I can do everything in Christ's strength...and in his strength I can scale any wall - which might come in handy when the kids are bouncing off of them!!

My Bible teacher hat

My computer technician hat

My mommy/nurse hat (two sick kids)

My missionary lady hat

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Out And About

Being a missionary with three kids and a live-in teacher, one of my pet gripes is that I don't get out enough. But, in this season of life, that's just the way it is. However, last week, one of our dear friends who works in our home stayed the night with the kids and Hannah while Josh and I had an overnight excursion to some of the different villages that the Bible Teachers are doing outreaches in.

It was soooooo refreshing and so good to see God working in the hearts of people all over this valley.

Here are a few pics:

This little 'building', or shelter, was built in between two villages and the people being taught in both of those villages now come and worship together. My favorite part about visiting this place was their excitement over listening to the teaching and 'Japeth', the teenager who writes his own songs and sings them for everybody!


Josh and Rudil meeting with a couple of school teachers to discuss how we can help them. They are teachers in a school that our lady Bible Teachers have just started teaching in this year.

Ila and Sundi posing for the camera. Their grandpa is the main teacher in one of the villages we visited and their grandma is one of the most hospitable ladies I've ever met. She regularly feeds and houses the 5 or 6 Bible Teachers that pass through there every week.