Saturday, May 30, 2009

No Caption Needed....


I'm studying a book right now on teamwork, and there was a quote from Mia Hamm (member of the championship winning U.S. soccer team) about the importance of the team over the individual. So, I started making a list of all the people I could think of that are a part of Josh and I being able to produce just one lesson in Tala-Andig on the book of Mark (our current ministry). Well, my list kept getting longer and longer, and eventually I ended it at 26 people! Josh said, "This would make a good post on your blog."


I'm extremely 'blog challenged' and after many failed attempts to copy and paste my list into this post, I have given up. So, this post is turning into simply an 'encouragement post'. Go ahead, give it a try. Think of a task that you complete on a regular basis and then make a list of all the people involved in that one task. You may be surprised at just how independent you AREN'T!

And, in place of my list, here are some pictures of some of the many people God has put into my life (and me in their lives). This is 'my team' (well, the Asian version anyways).

Our co-workers.

Co-workers, church elders, Bible teachers.

Our 'sakup'. All the people that work for and with us in our home (and their families).

One of 4 precious 'office and language helpers' who correct and re-phrase our Tala-Andig, so that it sounds beautiful.

The lady Bible teachers.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Manila is for.....KIDS!

Well, sorta. Yeah, it's a big, scary, dangerous, hot city. But, at the same time, so much fun!! Our kids have had a blast during this 'forced vacation'.

Take a look...
A trip to the Museo Pambata...a children's museum that the kids thought was great. Here Ally is 'riding' a 'jeepney'...the most common mode of transportation around the city.

Behind the 'waterfall' in the rainforest room

The coolest part of the museum...the 'village', where Daisy was temporarily transformed into a vegetable vendor!

One of the major highlights so far has been a week of cooking camp. Here the little chefs are making something sweet during 'dessert day'. The best part? Getting to be on T.V. at the end of the week!!

We miss our classroom at home, but the playground where we're staying works just fine for reading...and not just for the students, looks like an extra kid ended up enjoying the story too!

Manila lacks the wide, open, safe spaces that we're accustomed to back at our beautiful mountain home, but.....

....It hasn't stopped the smiles yet!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

True Friends

"A friend loveth at all times..."
Prov. 17:17

What is two weeks to you? What do you have planned for the next two weeks? I bet you're fully booked. There's church activities, school activities, family, visitors, shopping, cooking, cleaning, errands to run, doctors to see, etc.

If someone called and said three words..."We need you", would you be willing to drop all those plans and commit the next two weeks entirely to that friend?

Well, we happen to have some friends who really do 'love at all times'. And, who were willing to drop everything in order to be at our beck and call for 2 weeks straight.

When Josh hurt his knee, we knew it was going to involve a lot of traveling, doctor's appt.'s and eventually surgery. Throw three kids, a visiting teacher and just one little ol' mom in the mix, and you've got the recipe for total chaos.

So, I told our friendsand fellow missionaries, Chris and Lynne, those three difficult words, "We need help". And they answered with, 'We're here as long as you need us!'

And they meant it.

Candied apples from Lola!!

Lolo's lap is the best seat in the house when you're waiting for your airplane to take you to Daddy!

The last two weeks 'Lolo and Lola' (Grandma and Grandpa) have made meals, hauled kids, traveled with us, played with trucks, read stories, painted fingernails, given baths, bought medicine, ran errands, kept mommy's coffee pot full and told us over and over again how much they love us.

Thank you Stranges for loving us at all times.

We love you back.

'It takes a village' help the Moffits!

Now Josh is on the mend, our family is back together again, and Lolo and Lola flew back to their island this morning.

Missions isn't just hiking through jungles with a backpack full of Bibles....sometimes it's loving and helping your fellow missionaries slug through the hard times. And I am so thankful for co-workers who are willing to do the less 'glorious' missionary work (like helping out our little family!).

And they're not the only ones:
- There was the friend who left huge bouquets of flowers in our room at the mission home.
- There was the friend who drove me back into the village to get the girls schoolwork when we found out we'd be heading to Manila.
- There was the friend running the mission home who made us feel totally relaxed and kept reminding us that we could stay as long as we needed to.
- There was the co-workers who promised to keep praying for us.
- There was the other co-worker who, though far away, keeps skyping and emailing with words of encouragement and advice when we need it.
- There's the Filipina co-worker who is supplying Josh with vitamins to speed his recovery.
- There's our friends in the village who are looking after our home and animals.
- There's the missionaries we hardly know who picked us up at the airport...with freshly baked cinnamon rolls to eat on the way to the mission home!
- There's the missionaries we've just met who have offered to watch our kids if we need a break.
- There's Hannah, the girl's teacher, who has been the extra pair of hands we've needed so desperately.
- And on and on and on.
The Long And Winding Road...

Forgive the blur...the photographer was also the driver!!

Wanna visit us? You're welcome anytime, if you can handle the drive! Thought I'd give you a little glimpse into what 'going to town/coming home' looks like for the Moffits. Basically, hours and hours of mud and rocks and bumps.

But, I'm not complaining. At least we don't have to use the mission plane at about $500 a ride!! I'll take the 4-wheelin' any day!!

And this is dry season!

The best part of the road...almost home!

At long last, the village!! Hooray!!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Happier Days

This is Josh and his church basketball league team. He loves playing basketball every Sunday with the guys. But basketball doesn't love him back. 3 weeks ago he tore his acl playing basketball.

So, in an unexpected turn of events (or what can also be called 'life'), the next weeks will be spent having and recovering from surgery in Manila.

Hannah lives with us and helps homeschool the girls. Check out her blog!