Friday, April 17, 2009


Some people spend weeks reading books and soul searching and analyzing themselves to figure out what their love language is. Not me. I know! PRESENTS!! Yep, give me a gift, and I'm yours forever!

And, the best part is that God has peppered my life with gift GIVERS!!! Yeah!

Not only do these gift-bestowers speak right into my love language, but they keep me going when I'm ready to throw in the towel, they keep me encouraged when I'm ready to start pinching heads off, and they remind me that I'm loved even though I'm far away from 'home'.

Bethany, the world's best sister, faithfully overseeing our calorie intake- lest we don't get enough! Here, Josh and Hannah-girl and I are enjoying Bethany's latest act of love!

Missionaries are so dense, someone tell the poor man to unwrap it first!

Some gifts come from strangers living in strange lands! Thank you Jamie for the chocolate chips!! The best chocolate chips come via States-Mexico-Philippines!

And Grandma Pam, loving our kids the way she knows their own grandmother would have. Thank you for the continuous stream of love disguised as care packages.

And Dad, the best gift was YOU, coming all the way over here to visit, but on top of that - thanks for the new hoodies!

See what I mean? - We are one loved family! Three cheers for presents!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Real School

Back tracking a bit...

The week before Papa arrived, the girls had a new experience. They got to go to, in the words of a homeschooler, 'real school'!!

They had always heard the grass is greener on the other side, and now they've seen it with their own eyes!! And yes, 'real school' was everything they had ever dreamed!

They went to Faith Academy for four days and took part in the standardized testing. They loved every minute of it.

It took about 3 minutes to make friends their first day, and they were full of stories and new discoveries at the end of each day. For example, Ally learned that sometimes you aren't allowed to pick up your pencil until the teacher says so, AND, it turns out, that in a classroom, you can't just get up and wander around when you're done with your test!! Crazy!

Daisy, on the other hand, has requested that we drop our ministry with the Tala Andig people group and move to the city this school is located in just so she can go to school there!

So, 'real school' is 'real cool', and the girls can't wait to go back for next year's testing!

A Week In Review....

Well, he's now left on a jet plane, but the short week Dad was here was WONDERFUL in every way. Here are a few highlights:

Puppet show time for three giggling audience members.

Papa's lap turned out to be a great place to take a cat-nap.

Helping me paint the bathroom a color that I thought was ivory, but turned out to be bright yellow!

Trying new foods...and liking them!

Meeting new friends -turns out laughter can be understood in both English and Tala-Andig!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

What a Week!!

The long awaited week has finally arrived...Dad is here!! Three years is way to long to go without seeing your dad, and it has been sooooo wonderful to have him here!

He's helped me in my garden, he let Josh beat him at a game of washers, he's read dozens of stories to three little kids and he even helped paint the bathroom!!

Story time with Papa

Just hangin' out

Dad has two favorite times of the day here at the Moffits - 9:30 and 3:00, otherwise known as 'coffee time'!

But, this week hasn't been 100% wonderful, it was marred by some tragedy too. On Tuesday we woke up to dogs barking, people screaming and orange flames shooting high into the sky. Our neighbor's house was on fire. Not just any neighbor either, but our good friend, and office helper. But, even in the midst of something horrible, we have so much to thank God for:
1. It's the middle of summer and most of the water sources are drying up, but this house was right next to a giant water tank.
2. Only the kitchen was burned, so the house can be repaired.
3. The mother rescued her child, and the child came away with only singed hair.
4. A group of German doctor's was staying here, and was able to help with the mother's burns and eventually let us know that she needed to be taken to the hospital, and did her paperwork for her so that she was ready to go once she arrived at the hospital.
5. Dad was here, and was able to play 'Nanny' while Josh and I played 'ambulance'.

But, please be praying for Gigay and her family, she is in a lot of pain and is, of course, suffering emotionally too.

The lesson learned: don't store gas in the kitchen.

Gigay at the hospital with her loving sister there to care for her.