Friday, February 27, 2009

My Wealth.....Part 2.....Ally

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Wealth...Part One...NEO

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Obe Wan Kenobi...

Well, more like Obe Wan Belinda. That's what I have felt like this week. I've had three different women tell me this week, 'You're my only hope.' It's not a sentence I like hearing. I would prefer to hear people saying, 'God is my only hope.' But, times are hard, and the believers here are still learning that they can't put their trust in people.

So, how do you teach someone that concept who is so poor that can only feed their family of 7 one cup of rice each night? How do you tell someone who can't afford to buy one 10 cent packet of laundry soap to just 'trust God'? How do you enjoy a delicious dinner when you know your friend up the hill doesn't have the money to go to the village clinic and get medicine for her migraine?

Well, one answer (which unfortunately a lot of missionaries do) is to make a 'no help' policy. That way if anyone ever accepts God's message that you are bringing them, you can rest assured that it wasn't because they felt obligated. Personally, I don't think those kind of missionaries understand their Bibles.

Another option is to never say no. This feels good for a while, but pretty soon you become the village bank, hospital, counseling service and rice distributor. That can only carry on so long.

The third option, I'm learning, is the best.....and the hardest. That's the one where you ask God for wisdom for each and every individual that comes to your door.

Everyone has different needs, different issues, different things God is teaching them. And by letting God personalize the care of each person, I too am learning to trust and wait and love in a way that glorifies God.

So, these three ladies...well, one I gave a bag of rice too...after all, they have to eat. One I'm ignoring (that's the cultural way of saying no), and one I'm reminding of all of her blessings - because after hearing that three other families in the church are already helping her, I thought it would be best if I stepped back and let them carry on.

"Help me God, to love people the way you want me to love them. To help them the way that makes them a better person and doesn't just ease my conscience. And most of all, let me never look at people like machines that can be programmed....but as individuals worthy of my care."

Monday, February 09, 2009


I have the best sister. She sends us these awesome packages full of fun.

Like the popcorn package...a popper, popcorn, popcorn bags and salt. Of course, we blew up the popper...but still, fun!

Or like the 4th of July package with all the necessities for a rockin' Indepe
ndence Day!

Or her latest and greatest...'The New Year's Package'. We're talkin' silly string, glow sticks, that's what we call fun....

King of the Bugs

The Bugs

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Life....Tala-Andig Style:

Tala-Andig Wal-Mart

Tala-Andig John Deere

Tala-Andig Meat Department

Tala-Andig Clothes Dryer

Tala-Andig Shell Station