Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Things we love to do....

I love it when the Germans arrive!! Every month or two, a visiting German doctor and his 3 or 4 Filipino companions arrive in Lapok for what they call 'the rolling clinic'. It's a free clinic and it draws lots of people! I get to help take blood pressures, and I love it! I love to get to 'play doctor' and it gives me a great opportunity to see new faces!

The girls love weekends. It's 'friend time'. We generally feed 5 or 6 of their friends every Saturday and Sunday for lunch. It's a great time for Daisy and Ally to deepen their relationships and even practice their Tala Andig.

Josh loves hanging with his mate, Paul. we love our co-workers, and we're going to miss them so much this next year while they're back in Oz.