Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Baby

We live in a country that expects foreigners to hire house help. It's a strange situation for a foreigner, and hard to get used to, but the girls God has brought to our home have ended up being like family. We just love them.

Last month, we mourned with one of our house helpers when her newborn baby died.

This month, this week, actually, we rejoiced with one of our house helpers when she gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy.

The best part for us? - Being given the honor of naming him. We named him 'Wendell', after my dad. And here he is:

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Break

Every January, we go to Manila and attend a conference with all the other missionaries here in the Philippines serving with NTM. But, every June we have a 'mini-conference' just for the missionaries on our particular island. This year was no different, we spent 3 fun days at the beach, then 3 more days attending a seminar in the mountains. It was a nice break.

The three amigos, splashing around in the ocean.

The cutest boy on the beach!

The ladies got to attend a beautiful luncheon. We visited, laughed, heard a great speaker and came home with some great gifts. Thank you to the group of Australian ladies who sent the money to treat us to this beautiful meal!

No conference is complete without fun night. Here's Ally laughing her head off at the crazy puppets in the puppet show.

Thank you, Jason, for taking the time out of your busy church-planting and Bible Translating schedule to teach us what God has taught you in the 20 + years you've been serving God in the Philippines.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Good Deeds

We New Tribes missionaries aren't the only ones around here doing things to help the Filipino people. There are many, many missions organizations, charity organizations and even individuals doing great things to help the Philippines.

One of our favorites is a group of German doctors. They have set up hospitals in various cities, and treat all indigenous people for free!! Not only that, they even offer classes for women on health care, sewing, child care, cosmetology etc. Isn't that amazing!

Right now, we're especially appreciative of this amazing group because one of our (Filipino) co-workers daughters is attending the cosmetology course. Every Monday, her dad drives her out 3 hours to town on the motor bike, she attends class all day, then comes back in the evening. She's already learned so much; hair-cutting, hair-straightening, nails, etc.

And the best part? - She practices on us!! So we're all looking good these days!!

Thank you, Lord, that you don't leave the privilege of helping up to just one missions organization, but thank you for the MANY ways and MANY people who are here serving and helping the Filipino people!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Pig Bite!

I saw a new sight today. A pig bite. We've all seen or heard of dog bites, let me tell you, a pig bite is much nastier. Imagine the terror of being attacked by a huge breeder pig. Scary. And of course, pig saliva is not exactly sterile. There are all kinds of horrible diseases lurking in the mouth of pig. This kid had two huge bite holes in the back of his swollen, oozing leg.

Thankfully, our co-workers have set up a clinic and trained clinic workers. So, even though the bite happened a week ago, the kid has been on antibiotics and that's probably kept him from getting extremely sick.

Another reason to be thankful? - Today just happened to be the day that a group of German and Filipino doctors came to the village to hold a free clinic. This kid was able to get a rabies shot, and get his leg cleaned up a bit.

It was a bit of battle getting him to go see the doctor though, as many of these people here are very uneducated still about healthcare and the human body. He was more scared of getting a shot then of what would happen if he didn't. We were also told that his family has been doing sacrifices also to help 'cure him'.

Pray for us. Pray for wisdom and patience and the right words to help shed light on this area of taking care of our bodies. Pray for this kid, that his wounds will heal. Pray that we'll be able to start a relationship with them, and someday they will even hear of the GREAT PHYSICIAN who heals our worst sickness - SIN.

Friday, June 06, 2008


When you live on the top of a mountain, in the middle of an island, with no movie theaters, Wal-Mart or coffee shops, you have to be responsible for your own entertainment. Here are a few ways the Moffits keep the fun alive....

We have parties! Big ones. I'm talking 50 people for dinner, 30 people spend the night! I mean, like chicken butcherin', pig fat fryin', buckets of rice, popcorn poppin', movie watchin' FUN!!

Of course there's hot dog and marshmallow roasting with the girls favorite neighbor and friend - Jubab, our co-workers son. Who wants to play video games when there's FIRE to play with!!??

And just chillin' with a good book. Thank you Morleys for the endless supply of brain food!!