Thursday, May 29, 2008

Happy times, and sad

The lives of missionaries aren't all that different from our friends lives back home. The context is different, but the emotions, family life and trials are all pretty similar. Here's a picture of Ally giving her new brother, Neo, a ride around the living room. This activity always brings squeals of laughter from our new little ray of happiness, and we all end up laughing in the end!

It's not all laughing, though. These sisters are our dear friends. They were both due just a month apart. Well, last Sunday, Inday (the purple one) had her baby. A beautiful baby boy. Her third one. Her third baby to die. I can't even imagine the ache in her heart as she buried yet another dream. Some days it just feels like your heart is going to curl up and die. But, it doesn't, and God heals. So, please pray for Inday. Pray that she will continue to trust her new-found Savior, and that some day, God willing, she will hold a baby ..... and hear it's little cry!