Saturday, April 28, 2007


Missionary life can get a little stressful at times for mom and dad, but for the girls, it's pretty fun!
They've met lots of kids, learned lots of new games and seen some pretty amazing stuff.
Here, Ally is having a good laugh with Manong Benji's new water buffalo. And Daisy is mastering the jumping game.
Our girls are missing out on a lot of the experiences we had as children growing up in America, but they're getting opportunities we NEVER had. I can assure you, Josh and I never had a neighbor with a water buffalo when we were kids! :)

Some of our recent highlights:
* Josh's chicken laid it's first egg!
* We tasted pig stomach for the first time!
* Daisy is really starting to pick up the local dialect!
* We were able to help 5 seriously ill patients get the help they need at the city hospital!
* The Bible teachers keep getting invited to new villages, and have been able to train new Bible teachers and start new outreaches!
* We have a new Bible class starting in May for any villagers who haven't yet heard the amazing story of hope and salvation!
*Our partners have already translated 4 chapters in Mark in the few short weeks they've been back from their furlough!
* Our other partners have been granted permission from the captain in a village an hour away to move there and start a new outreach with 4 other national families!

And the list goes on . . .God is good, and His Word is spreading!