Saturday, January 13, 2007

No fancy Johny Jump-ups here in the village. This cradle is made from some strategically placed bamboo poles, string and one blanket. We could have saved some serious money in the States if we would have known about this.

Daisy and Ally are in the picture because our family invaded Benjie's home for lunch. Benjie and his wife graciously prepared a vegetable named Dakan (sorry, I don't think there is an English translation) for our family. The food was good, but our time together as families was better. Benjie and his wife just finished last month attending 26 Bible lessons starting with creation and ending with the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It has been a pleasure for our family to get to know Benjie's family and see them excited about the teaching of the Bible. If you remember, pray for Benjie and his wife Janila. Belinda and I are excited to see this family mature and have an impact on the TA people group here in the Philippines.