Friday, September 28, 2007

Just Us!

Sunday, September 16, 2007


TEACHING the Bible is only half the battle. If the people you have taught can't read the Bible for themselves, their knowledge of God will be only as good as their memory.

But, teaching literacy can be a challenge.  So, when the newest literacy class was announced, we weren't expecting much.

Boy were we wrong!! We now have about 70 adult men and women learning to read! They go to class 3 days a week, for an hour every day. They are having so much fun, and we are amazed at how inspired they are to learn.

We have wives helping their husbands, and teenagers helping their dads. But the most exciting thing, is we have 70 people who, in a very short amount of time, will be reading the Bible for themselves!!

Saturday, April 28, 2007


Missionary life can get a little stressful at times for mom and dad, but for the girls, it's pretty fun!
They've met lots of kids, learned lots of new games and seen some pretty amazing stuff.
Here, Ally is having a good laugh with Manong Benji's new water buffalo. And Daisy is mastering the jumping game.
Our girls are missing out on a lot of the experiences we had as children growing up in America, but they're getting opportunities we NEVER had. I can assure you, Josh and I never had a neighbor with a water buffalo when we were kids! :)

Some of our recent highlights:
* Josh's chicken laid it's first egg!
* We tasted pig stomach for the first time!
* Daisy is really starting to pick up the local dialect!
* We were able to help 5 seriously ill patients get the help they need at the city hospital!
* The Bible teachers keep getting invited to new villages, and have been able to train new Bible teachers and start new outreaches!
* We have a new Bible class starting in May for any villagers who haven't yet heard the amazing story of hope and salvation!
*Our partners have already translated 4 chapters in Mark in the few short weeks they've been back from their furlough!
* Our other partners have been granted permission from the captain in a village an hour away to move there and start a new outreach with 4 other national families!

And the list goes on . . .God is good, and His Word is spreading!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

A field trip. . . to school!
Daisy and Mommy took a field trip to the village preschool a few weeks ago. My language helper, Amor, is also the village preschool teacher. She is great with the kids, and has a huge reservoir of patience! We learned that school here is a lot different than school in America. We learned that at this preschool, you get to play dancing games!! Fun!!! And we also learned that at this preschool, you can climb on the tables, and go home whenever you feel like leaving! We learned about vegetables, and even got to draw a picture of healthy foods, like squash and carrots. . .mmmm.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

No fancy Johny Jump-ups here in the village. This cradle is made from some strategically placed bamboo poles, string and one blanket. We could have saved some serious money in the States if we would have known about this.

Daisy and Ally are in the picture because our family invaded Benjie's home for lunch. Benjie and his wife graciously prepared a vegetable named Dakan (sorry, I don't think there is an English translation) for our family. The food was good, but our time together as families was better. Benjie and his wife just finished last month attending 26 Bible lessons starting with creation and ending with the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It has been a pleasure for our family to get to know Benjie's family and see them excited about the teaching of the Bible. If you remember, pray for Benjie and his wife Janila. Belinda and I are excited to see this family mature and have an impact on the TA people group here in the Philippines.