Monday, December 26, 2016

Over the Holidays....

November and December looked at little bit like this...

I know it's blurry, but Josh snapped this pic in
the grocery store one day. I like it because
it depicts real life. Me and a nun and a few
other shoppers getting our pasta and
canned meat.
Josh and some of his closest co-workers. One
is his partner in teaching the Gospel of grace
here in the city. And the other two are church
planting up north. Here they're planning a
seminar for some pastors and church workers.

Training others to teach God's word as one
story, and in the heart language.

What traffic looks like in our

Being auntie to my little MK friend.

Getting the feast ready for the big celebration!
First baptism and communion of one of NTM's
tribal works!

Neo discovered Calvin and Hobbes.

Ally went to her first High School formal.

Daisy got a Ukulele for her 17th birthday.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016


September is the beginning of the Christmas season here in the Philippines! Any month ending in 'ber' (brrrrrr) qualifies as Christmas time!

Although we haven't quite gotten into the holiday spirit yet, we have had some meaningful experiences this month;

Josh and the consultant team visited our dear
friends who are missionaries on a tiny island in
the middle of the ocean. They were encouraged
to see all that God is doing in the church there.

At home, we are bound and determined to
memorize our '8' multiplication facts! I'm willing
to sacrifice my body if Neo can just remember
8 x 4 = 32! :)

Josh has an exciting job. He often travels to
remote mission stations on the mission plane
or helicopter!

God allowed our good friends, the Bairds, to
come for a short visit. Our girls share a history
that no one else quite understands. There was
a lot of laughter as they reminisced about their
childhood in Lapoc village!

Josh's good friend and co-worker, Kraig, has
been busy teaching a seminar to some local
church workers about teaching the Bible
chronologically. He and Josh have a ministry
together developing Bible lessons and training
pastors and church workers how to use them.

Josh and I celebrated our 18th anniversary
at a place in the mountains that reminds us
of our beloved Bukidnon. Here we are in a
Mangosteen orchard.

Josh was able to meet with our newest missionary
team and discuss all that their future holds as
church planters.

Any month that Wendel visits, is a good month!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Home Assignment

We just returned from a quick, 11 week, home assignment in the States. It was fun, it was busy, now it's over. Here are some highlights:

As always, we spent a lot of time on a lot of
We enjoyed being back in the BEAUTIFUL
Pacific Northwest!

Our hearts were encouraged by our loving
And, of course, we enjoyed lots of family time!
No matter how long we're away, it feels like
no time has passed when we spend time with
old friends!
And the laughter...oh my, so much laughing!
No trip across America would be complete
without stopping at a shoe tree!

Sunday, May 01, 2016

She Did It!
Lang has been living with us for three years, working hard to earn a college degree! Her mother is my good friend from Lapoc, where we ministered for 6 years. Well, after all her hard work, she did it! Last month she graduated with a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management!
The best part....having her family come to visit for a few days! It's always good to see old friends, and even better when there's something to celebrate!
We are very proud of our college graduate!
It was WONDERFUL to have the house full of friends
and the sound of Tala-Andig!
 They've gone from little girls playing dress-up
to three gorgeous high-schoolers

I love these ladies so much!

Neo's first friend ever

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Moffits to the Mountains!
This weekend we took off for the mountains. With the kids on Easter break, we headed across the island, where Grant picked us up and drove us (with great skill) into the village!
Oh, it does my heart good to get out of the city. Breathtaking views the whole way in. Great work, Creator!

I've been waiting a long time to visit these people, in this village, and sit at this table, and share this meal! Our first meal together...and we're about to dig into a pile of FROGS! Mmmm, lami!
It was good to see everyone on this amazing church-planting team. They are my heroes. And of course it was good to see our little MK friend growing up and talking in complete sentences!

Our first afternoon there, the kids amazed us with their mad jumping skills. Talk about athletic. Wow!

Then Ally had to 'jump in'! She wasn't too bad...

Neo was in paradise the whole time. They played with bows and arrows, caught crabs, played in the dark with flashlights, and best of all- spent half the day in the creek!

We also got to sit in on their evening meetings. The people have been listening to God's Word twice a week for months. They understand the story of the Bible and God's plan to redeem mankind. And the best part....they believe what they've heard!

Isn't this Nanay so beautiful? I couldn't stop staring at her. Everything about her is precious; from her lovely face, to her sweet smile, her cute bangs, to her amazing beads. I was so happy when she asked if we could take a picture!

I'm so thankful for our weekend away. I'm so thankful for our extraordinarily hardworking missionaries. I'm so thankful for this particular people group and how wonderfully unique God made them. I'm so thankful that God's message has been told in this place. I'm so thankful that our family got to get a glimpse of God at work in hearts.

So thankful.

Thursday, February 04, 2016

 I Heart RP
It's easy to love the Republic of the Philippines (RP)! Here is my most current list of ways this country has warmed my heart recently.
1. We had to crowd onto a shuttle bus to take us from the terminal to the airplane a few weeks ago. Neo really wanted to stand up with all the men, but as soon as the bus lurched forward, he fell onto the 'aunty' sitting next to him. So what did she do? She scooped him up into her arms, snuggled him into her lap and held onto him for the rest of the ride. No stranger danger here. It's the land of friendly, helpful aunties and uncles!

2. We live right on a jeepney route. The jeepneys start about a block away and take their passengers downtown. I love taking the jeep (it means I don't have to parallel park!). But what I love even more than the ride, are the friendly drivers. Like this morning, I was still a block away when the driver saw me, so he put the jeep in reverse and backed all the way down the street, so I wouldn't have to walk the rest of the way! I love friendly drivers who go out of their way to keep me from walking in the hot sun!

3. Funny questions. When we were new in the country, I was constantly getting offended at the kinds of questions people ask here. But, once I realized 'anything goes' when it's comes to asking questions, it's become a constant source of laughter! Like the other day when I was visiting with the watch saleslady and she asked me, 'Why do you have eyes like a cat?' A question like that can keep me laughing for days!

I love this country!

Friday, December 11, 2015

 Joshin' Around
...and Scrollin'
...and Laughin'

...and Chattin'
...and Socializin'